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Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

A prepaid plan requires you to make regular upfront payments for using your mobile phone service, unlike postpaid plans where you need to make payments at the end of your specified billing period. Perhaps the best thing about prepaid plans is that they are convenient and have a range of expiry period from as little as 10 days up to 365 days! The majority of the prepaid plans, however, have an expiry period of 30 days.


Monthly Price

50 mins

Talk time

Data Included


Monthly Price


0 Minutes Included

Talk time

250 MB

Data Included


Monthly Price


50 mins

Talk time

No Data

Data Included

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These plans work on a regular recharge basis – you will pay a fixed amount of money to make calls, send text message and use mobile data on your phone. Once you utilize your call, text or data usage limit or reach the expiry date, you can simply recharge your account to stay connected with your friends and family and utilize the services.

You can purchase recharge directly from your phone service provider or recharge your account online (i.e. by using the service provider website.) Some large service providers also provide recharge options for prepaid customers at retail outlets and popular grocery stores.

    Top 10 Prepaid Cell Phone Providers in Canada

    These are some popular prepaid cell phone providers in Canada:

    Which is the Best Prepaid Mobile Plan for Me?

    If you want to choose a prepaid plan for your mobile phone, look no further than our prepaid mobile phone plan comparison page. This table can help you compare the different available prepaid plans in Canada. You can also adjust your search criteria and find a plan that best suits your needs.


    But Why Should I Choose a Prepaid Mobile Plan?

    Still thinking whether or not prepaid plans are a good choice? You’ve got to read this. One of the key benefits of choosing a prepaid plan is that you can control your mobile spending. Simply put, you cannot use more than the allowed limit of data usage or the number of calls and texts. And if you want to use more data or dial more calls from your phone, you will have to pay first. This is way better than a postpaid cell plan because you will never be hit by unexpected bills.

    Another reason most customers prefer prepaid plans is that your commitment to the service provider is only defined by the length of your plan. For example, if your prepaid plan has a 30-day expiry, you can easily jump to a new service provider or choose a different plan while retaining your existing mobile number at the end of the 30 day period. You may need to purchase a SIM card for the new provider though.

    It is seen that having a prepaid plan is more economical compared to a postpaid plan in the long run. Yes, the total cost of buying a prepaid plan and a handset for 24 months is cheaper than a postpaid deal for the same period of time. Don’t forget to check out our prepaid mobile plan comparison table to find a deal that suits your preference and budget.


    Should I Choose a Prepaid Cell Phone Plans?

    Prepaid mobile plans are a good choice but there are a few disadvantages and the first one being ‘fixed value.’ If you consume the recharge amount before the end of the expiry period, your service provider will cut off your calls, texts and data usage until you spend more money i.e. get a full recharge.

    While most plans have an expiry period of 30 days, there are some plans that last for only 28 days. Make sure you read the plan details because not all prepaid plans are created alike. Plans that offer long expiry periods provide greater benefits in the long run, but they might have higher data usage, calling or text message rates.

    Some customers are not particularly impressed with the expensive data usage rates offered by prepaid plans. While this isn’t true for all plans, you should do your research.


    Do I get a Phone with My Prepaid Plan?

    Well, the answer sadly is no. Prepaid plans are intended for customers who already own a phone. However, if you do want a headset with your prepaid plan, you have to pay its entire cost upfront.

    Having said this, you would also come across headsets that are marketed as ‘prepaid phones.’ In this case, a cheap handset is locked to a given service provider so if you do want to change your plan or switch to a new service, all you have to do is pay the unlocking fee and use the headset.


    Other great benefits of a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan in Canada are:

    • Flexible plan with access to some great features such as voicemail, call display, call waiting, etc.
    • Credits can be applied to more than just the voice calls, can also apply to text and internet.
    • No locked in a contract that you can end at any time
    • Little or no activation fees (usually this is charged at a store and if you sign up online)
    • No Credit Check required
    • Most prepaid cell phone providers offer no charge for incoming calls or texts


    Disadvantages of a prepaid cell phone plan

    The disadvantage of a prepaid cell phone is you pay more per use, and it can really cause havoc to your day if you desperately need to make a phone call and you are at a loss for minutes. If you talk on the phone a lot or use it for internet and texts, this plan may not be for you. Prepaid requires you purchase a phone and if you’re low on money, your cell phone choices are limited.

    The Idea Sounds Good, but How Should I Compare Prepaid Plans?

    The answer might be a bit more complicated than a simple comparison.

    Recharge Cost

    It makes sense to use more flexible prepaid plans that allow you to change your recharge amount without any penalty or compromise in service. You also need to keep a close eye on the minimum recharge amount that is needed to maintain your phone service.

    Data Usage, Text Message and Call Charges

    Different prepaid plans come with different data, call and text message charges. Similarly, you can find plans that offer unlimited texts/call for a fixed amount of data. If you’re a heavy mobile user, you can consider investing in a plan that offers plenty of data with unlimited calls and text messages. It is always a smart choice to invest in a prepaid plan that charges data per KB rather than MBs or larger amounts.

    Network Coverage

    There are a number of mobile service providers in Canada and they all use one of the three networks offered by Telus, Rogers or Bell. You can compare mobile plans based on their network coverage and whether they offer 3G or 4G.

    International Calls, Coverage

    Never forget to read the fine print details before subscribing to any prepaid mobile plan. Some service providers offer special international calling rates and even include special calling minutes for the popular destination, however international roaming is a different story.

    Yes, rates for prepaid roaming services are generally quite high so make sure you choose carefully.


    So Summarizing Prepaid Mobile Plans,

    • They are flexible – you can use your phone or even get a new one
    • You can add services when you need them
    • You have the chance to change your plan anytime
    • Your prepaid mobile phone bill is never a surprise. There are no activation or cancellation or hidden charges

    So what are you waiting for? Take complete control of your mobile spending by choosing the best prepaid mobile phone plan today.

    Best Deals on No Contract Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Canada

    Because of the growing market of cellular users with simpler needs such as basic calling and texting, prepaid cell phone plans are thriving. Prepaid plans or Pay-As-You-Go plans have emerged and have been an important addition to cell phone plans and packages being offered by wireless companies.


    Prepaid cell phone plans in Canada are growing in number:

    Most wireless and cellular service providers in Canada offer the Pre-Paid option where members get a SIM card and are spared from worries about connection charges, installation fees and credit checks. With the Pre-Paid option, customers have the flexibility to determine how long they would avail of the services provided by wireless service companies because they’re not bound by a contract.


    Popular Pre-Paid Cell Phone Plan Providers in Canada

    There is no arguing, Canadians are still struggling with providers’ fine print-hidden fees, complex contracts and other intricacies. If you call Bell, Telus, Roger and others now, you will get irresistible shots. lays everything bare for you. 

    The most popular phone providers in Canada have different characteristics. Sometimes they offer similar products. It is only after you have compared the rates that you see this in black and white. For example, the “Big Three” have unlimited internet countrywide, unlimited US calling add-on and unlimited text messaging.


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