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Compare the Best TV Plans & Service Providers in Canada

In Canada, there are seven major TV service providers and they are CBC, SRC, CTV, Global, City, TVA and APTN.  The CBC and SRC are both public networks while the rest is commercial, except APTN, which is partly commercial and partly multicultural.

Shows hosted or delivered by APTN are in English, French and Aboriginal languages, while TVA and SRC are in French. The rest of the TV networks use the English language.

The City service provider has six Over-the-Air channels and one cable channel. CBC has 14 owned and operated stations, SRC has 13, CTV has 22, Global has 13, TVA has six and APTN has two.

Best TV Service Providers in Canada

In terms of national broadcast and the English language used, the popular TV networks in Canada are the CBC, City, CTV, and GTN. CBC or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a public network that broadcasts in other languages such as French. In northern parts of Labrador and Quebec as well as in other territories, CBC broadcasts in Aboriginal languages.

The City broadcasts in English in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. CTV Television Networks also owns CTV Atlantic, which airs shows in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick; and CTV Northern Ontario. Shows of the Global Television Network can be watched from the entire Canada except Labrador and the territories and Newfoundland.

For TV service providers that broadcast in French, the popular are TVA and Ici Radio-Canada Tele. Although based in Quebec, the TVA shows can also be enjoyed through Cable subscription across Canada. Ici Radio-Canada Tele is a public network that operates under the umbrella organization, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


Compare Cheap TV Service Providers in Canada

Pricing of TV service providers in Canada is not usually in fine print, yet this is a critical factor for the consumer. To get the best deals, you need to analyze individual plans, considering all the specials and deals. You do not have to peruse all the premium channels and additional channels. has got you covered.

Who ignores the channel lineup? The problem is that we have so many TV service providers in Canada and each seems to be offering something amazing. It is easy to be overwhelmed by hundreds of channels, but not with our rate comparison tool. You need to try it.

It is interesting how customer service can turn from impeccable to stale within a short time. You discover the true colors of a TV service provider over time. However, there is a more effective way. Check out user reviews at

Best IPTV Providers Canada

With your reliable monthly data cap, are you ready to tour the world of entertainment, sports, education and much more? Take advantage of your fast internet to sample what the best IPTV providers Canada have for you. Do not even go far; all the prices, plans etc. are available at

I am usually amazed at the high number of IPTV providers in Canada and Canada as a whole. Consumers are rarely short of options when it comes to internet based TV. Nevertheless, are you getting the best possible service? You only need to check our comparison tool for the answer.

Brama Telecom, Zazeen, VMedia and Shomi are some of the IPTV providers around. Being interested in their packages is fine. But do they offer services in Canada? Do they even have your favorite movie series? It is time to get all the details in one place.

Best Cable TV Providers Canada

Cable TV, like phones and internet, is relatively expensive in Canada. Do you think your monthly bill is higher than it should? Probably you are with the wrong cable TV provider Canada. You will be pleased to know that Shaw, Rogers, Bell and a few other providers are now offering competitive TV packages.

The best cable TV providers Canada work tirelessly to retain their customers. Most of them are willing to offer better rates but you must put some effort. For example, bundling up and being friendly has worked for many people.

How long will the satisfaction of cutting the cord last? If you ask me, cable TV is still cool. You can reduce your monthly cable TV bill by as much as 30%. Simple choose the best cable TV providers Canada, negotiate, search for the best deals on and review your viewing habits.

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