Beanfield TV Plans & Packages

Beanfield Metroconnect is a major telecommunication company based in Toronto Canada. Using its expansive fiber optic network, the firm is able to offer business and residences with phone, internet, collocation, and phone services. Beanfield started in 1988, and it has maintained its 100% Canadian ownership since then.

Beanfield Skinny Basic

Beanfield’s Skinny Basic TV package has over 25+ channels with no duplicate channels. It’s easy to add any theme pack or a la carte channel to this package.



Beanfield Essentials Package

Beanfield’s Essentials TV package has over 100+ channels with no duplicate channels. Whether you like watching sports, the news, reality television and more, we’ve got you covered. All the best channels, at a low cost.



Includes over 20 time shifted channels

Beanfield TV Plans

Beanfield has been operating TV services since May 2014, when it launched the service. Beanfield TV features many things including music, videos, and HD content. According to the firm’s CEO, Dan Armstrong, Beanfield internet clients had demanded a TV services for so long. Therefore, it appears that the company realized there is a demand for this service, and moved in to cater for this market.

One mainstay of the telecommunications giant is that it owns a fiber optic network. Beanfield TV is relatively affordable, with plans starting from as low as $40 per month. The launch of the TV service came on the heels of the yet another new service, the Beanfield’s 500Mbps internet plan.

Beanfield Basic Plan

Beanfield offers some of the best TV plans in Canada. Starting with a basic plan of $40 per month, you can now watch all your favorite movies, sports, YouTube content, and shows from Beanfield TV. This plan gives you the chance to enjoy up to 59 channels all in high definition. Other basic features of this plan include pay per view and on demand options. For the plan that is only available in Toronto, you will get the following equipment:

  • HD box rental
  • HD box purchase
  • Rent to own
  • Digital receiver

You can expect to watch the following channels on the Basic Plan:

  • Fox HD
  • Global Ontario
  • City TV
  • CMT
  • Much
  • Much More Music
  • The Weather Network
  • Business News Network (BNN)
  • Bravo

Beanfield Premium Basic Plan

The Premium Basic Plan is available at $20 per month, but the condition is subscription to the Basic Plan. It comes with the same features as the Basic Plan. However, the channel choices are more because you get access to up to 70 channels. They are all in high definition, although your station needs to broadcast in HD. You get the same equipment as the Basic Plan, and enjoy stations like these:

  • Show Case
  • Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
  • Peachtree TV
  • Sportsnet One
  • Network

Beanfield Regular Channel Packs

Beanfield is also home to regular channels in Canada, but you must first purchase the basic plan.

  • $6 each p/m for 1-5 packs
  • $5.5 each p/m for 6-10 packs
  • $5 each p/m for 11-15 packs

Beanfield TV Service Coverage

Beanfield Metroconnect fiber optic network is only in Toronto, Ontario Province. The company continues to provide its private network for reliable TV services for its clientele in Toronto condominiums. The internet speed is excellent, and the rates are amazingly affordable. This explains why the company is proud of its success in Toronto, and strives to continue offering Toronto residents a TV experience like no other.

Are you interested in any of Beanfield’s packs? You can check and compare all the rates at today. The site is simple to use and has all the information you need.

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