Best Axion TV Plans

Cable Axion is one of the most active cable distributors in Canada. It has its headquarters at Magog, Quebec. Since its inception in 1984, the company has grown to become a leader in telecommunication solutions in the region. Over the 30 years, Cable Axion has been operational a lot has happened. This includes the introduction of the internet into the network, acquisition by DERYtelecom and CoopTel and introduction of cable phone service.

Cable Axion has not forgotten that the community has been part of the success. Therefore, the company supports local causes and community through cultural, sports, and youth activities.

Axion Digital TV

Up to HD PVR 
infinitely free1
(one with each new service added)

Basic package including 29 specialized channels among over 100 channels

Starting at
for 24 month

Axion TV Service Coverage

Cable Axion services residential and business customers in Quebec province, especially in the Cantons de l’Est region.

Axion TV Plans

Cable Axion offers both digital and analog television plans for its viewers.

Digital TV Plan

You can get a digital TV plan with exciting programs for as low as $35 per month. This plan contains over 70 channels. You will enjoy your local station, music channels, and indigo pay per view TV channels.

Analog TV Plan

Axion’s analog TV plan also offers a wide range of channels including the local TV channel. In total, there are more than 40 quality channels, 18 of which are specialized channels. Add this $31 per month plan to watch channels such as NBC, abc, FOX, The Weather Network, and The Shopping Channel.

Theme Packs

If you would like to add something special to your analog or digital plan from Cable Axion, try the following amazing theme packs.

  • $5 per month High Definition pack
  • $13 per month Tele-Max pack
  • $6 per month Tele-Max 2 pack
  • $9 per month Tele-Max 3 pack
  • $6 per month Sports 1 pack
  • $5 per month Sports 2 pack
  • $4 per month TVA Sports pack
  • $5 per month Actuality pack
  • $5 per month Culture & Adventure pack
  • $4.95 per month Discovery pack
  • $5 per month Family pack
  • $5 per month Variety pack
  • $5 per month Retro pack
  • $5 per month Leisure pack
  • $16.95 per month The Movie Network pack

If you subscribe to these theme packs, you will get an opportunity to watch wonderful programs from channels such as Canal D HD, CNN, Sportsnet East, CNBC, American Heroes Channel, National Geographic Channel, MTV, SHOWCASE, Silver Screen Classic, The Movie Network, Wild TV and VividTV.

Do you find all these plans too confusing? There is no need to worry. will give you a comprehensive comparison of all Axion TV plans so that you can choose your most preferred TV plan in Canada.

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