Super Visa Insurance FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions – The FAQ’s about Super Visa Insurance

Who can apply for Super Visa Insurance?

Visitors to Canada, Canadians not eligible for benefits under a government health insurance plan, persons who are in Canada on a work or student visa, new immigrants who are awaiting government health insurance plan coverage.

Is a Super Visa the same as a Super Visa Insurance?

No, Super Visa allows eligible individuals to travel in and out of Canada to visit their family here over a 10-year period — with up to two years for each stay — while their sponsorship applications are processed; and Super Visa Insurance Policy in Canada is offered by Insurance Brokers, Agents and Companies and is a private medical insurance for visitors to Canada.  This must be purchased before applying for the Super Visa.

If the Super Visa is declined, is the premium refundable?

In many cases, yes, but not all.  If the insurance company does provide refunds or withdrawals, you may have to show the Refusal Letter or affidavit from the sponsor in the case of withdrawal.  Partial refund may be available if policy is cancelled after the effective date, so long as no medical claim has been made and administration fees may also apply.  Please first check with your Agent, Broker or Company before purchasing insurance if this is a concern.

I am not applying for the Super Visa, I’m applying as a temporary worker, will I require Super Visa Insurance?

Yes, everyone who applies to come to Canada as a temporary resident (visitors, students and workers) must have proof of private Visitor/Super Visa Insurance.