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Smart Home Monitoring 101

The world we live in today is technologically advanced and has allowed us to access almost anything via the internet. The wireless technology has given us the freedom to control and manage various things remotely. This reason is why setting up a smart home security system is easier and more efficient than ever.

Intro To Smart Home Monitoring Systems

Not only you can control the lights, temperature, lawnmowers, door locks, etc. You can use this feature even when you are away from home. You can also keep an eye on both the inside and outside of our homes using your phone, tablet or PC to make sure all our valuables are safe from burglars and thieves.

As no one wants to leave their home unsafe and make it an easy-go for burglars, it is important that you install a high tech security system in your house. Just like our phones, the security systems have become smart too, which means they are highly customizable and can be adjusted the way you want them to be.

No matter how huge or small your house or apartment is, it is always a wise choice to install a monitoring system. It helps the owner and even the caretaker make sure the property is safe and does not require regular visits. These systems are available in both full-blown setups that involve professionals who install and monitor for you and DIY kits. However, if you wish to opt for professional monitoring, you must expect a higher fee.

How do Smart Monitoring Systems Work?

A series of inter working electronic devices and components make a monitoring system. The most critical components of such systems are both wireless or wired security cameras, a router for internet connection, and an application or control panel that you can use on any mobile device. As all the components are interlinked, you can use the application to stay updated and watch a live coverage of your home.

However, since it is not possible for one to watch the live video all day long, the security systems involve a couple of other devices such as motion detectors, window stickers and lawn signs, heat sensors, high decibel sirens, and alarms, etc. So in case, God forbid, a burglar breaks into your house while you are at work and not watching the live video, the application in your phone will instantly inform you allowing you to take immediate action.

Smart home monitoring systems monitor all the entry points including windows and garage doors as well as all the valuables such as safety vaults, wall art, and electronic devices, etc. The system is not complex but quite simple. All the sensors and cameras monitoring the exits and halls/rooms in the house link to a control panel, which integrates with the app.

Security and Monitoring Control Panel

Well, the command center can arm or disarm the entire system. It communicates with and receives digital information from all other parts of the system. The control panel also sounds the siren when it senses any unwanted activity. Moreover, in such a situation, it immediately notifies you and the monitoring company, if you have hired one.

There are all types of control panels available in the market ranging from basic ones with keys to the ones that feature touch pad for easy programming, remote controls, voice commands, etc.

Window and Door Sensors

The sensors used on the doors and windows or any other entrance work in quite an unusual manner. The sensors used on the doors and windows comprise of two parts that are installed adjacent to each other with one attached to the door or window and the other connected to the frame or sill. Both the parts form an invisible circuit.

When the sensors are active, and the circuit is working, it ensures that no one can break in. And if one tries to do so, the circuit will break and immediately sound the deafening alarm and inform the owner and alarm monitoring company immediately.

Window Stickers and Yard Signs

Planting a CCTV camera or security company’s sign in your yard or placing a sticker on the windows surprisingly helps reduce the chances of burglars breaking in your home. This camera alerts the burglars telling them maybe yours is not the easiest house to rob.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras come in two types of configurations – wireless and wired. They provide a live feed to the control panel, which you can access via your phone or tablet. They are perfect for monitoring the entrances and dark and distant areas. It offers lots of help to owners who often have to go out of town or for parents who have to leave behind their children with babysitters. Also, since all the video is recorded so in the case of a robbery or invasion, you will have the necessary evidence to identify the culprits.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensors create an invisible zone that no one can enter without sounding the alarm, which helps make sure a certain range of floor space is safe. However, most people use them in rooms or halls where there are valuable stored.

Alarm System

Security alarms are usually quite loud. The high pitched sound not only frightens and confuses the burglar but also notify the neighbors and passersby. Moreover, it is also beneficial in case there is a fire or water leakage as you would be able to contact the concerned agency right away.

Professional Home Monitoring Companies

If you go for a security providing company, the risk of burglary is lower than those using DIY or no monitoring systems. The company will look after your home on your behalf and will allow you to keep a watch yourself. Moreover, most company-monitored security systems offer a panic button that you can press in case you want to get in contact with the company instantly.

In the case of a fire or burglary, the control panel installed in a convenient place in your home will notify the company, which will then follow the most suitable course of actions and will inform the appropriate emergency response personnel in your area for a quick response. Moreover, the highly trained and experienced personnel at the company will contact you via phone call or a voice communication feature installed on your portable device/remote.

If you have hired a professional home monitoring company, it is a wise choice to place their stickers and tags on your windows and in the lawn or yard as this will let the burglars know your house is not the one they should try and burgle. Most companies also send their workers to audit your system on a regular basis to make sure all the devices are working correctly.

However, the number of services and the level of relief and satisfaction you receive by hiring a professional security provider usually comes with a hefty cost.

DIY Monitoring Kits

On the other hand, DIY home monitoring systems are a bit less effective. Such home monitoring systems are not only easy to install but also quite convenient to use and control. In any case of an intrusion, the system will sound the high-decibel alarms and, depending on the system, will send you an instant message, which will allow you to take immediate action and contact the fire department, police, paramedics, etc.

While such systems are affordable to buy and maintain, the only disadvantage is that you would have to monitor it yourself, which increases the chances of a successful robbery.

Conclusion on Smart Home Monitoring Systems

Installing a home security system is an investment you must make as this will help you protect all your valuable, children and entire home from many potential problems and damages. It is easy to install, maintain and use and does not involve any rocket-science. You can control the system from any part of the world and ensure your home’s safety. You can also use this system for many other purposes including keeping your children from accessing liquor cabinets or gun cases, keeping a mindful eye on the house cleaners, babysitters and other people coming and going.

If you go for extremely advanced and high tech monitoring systems, you can also make sure various appliances including air conditioning systems and water pipes are working fine using heat and other sensors. You can easily upgrade the system, and install additional devices and sensors to the same system, so even if you have a limited budget, you must go for a basic system and upgrade it in the future to maximize security.

All the data is recorded and can be checked using a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. However, this would require you to have a good internet connection or else the system might break down. And in such a case, the security company will contact you on your landline or mobile phone.