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Scotiabank Savings Account

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Offering customers banking and financial advice services out of over 1,000 branches all over Canada, Scotiabank is considered one of the topmost five banks in the country. You can avail of round the clock services all through the week via the internet, telephone, and mobile phone. An interesting factor is that the bank currently serves over 8.5 million clients.

Best Scotiabank Savings Account

Scotiabank has various savings accounts options with different features that you can choose from.

Scotiabank Momentum Savings Account:

This savings account offers you the facility of making unlimited transfers of funds between the various Scotiabank accounts you have in your name without incurring any transaction fee. Any other transactions incur charges, and you’ll receive an attractive interest rate after every 90 days if no cash withdrawals have been made. No other monthly fees are payable.

Scotiabank Savings Accelerator Account:

Scotiabank allows you to open this account as a registered retirement income fund, registered education savings plan, registered retirement savings plan, or tax-free savings account. While there are no charges for fund transfers between various Scotiabank accounts or debit transactions, you’ll incur charges for other services. You won’t pay any monthly fee, but you can only access this account via your mobile phone or the internet.

Scotiabank Scotia Power Savings Account:

This savings account has various benefits such as accessing funds via the internet, mobile phone, and external ATMs. You won’t incur any monthly fee or charges on transferring funds online. This account offers you an attractive interest rate though this option is available only on a balance of $5,000 and above.

Scotiabank Money Master Savings Account:

Should you opt for this savings account, you can avail of various facilities such as the possibility of accessing your funds by way of your mobile phone, the internet, and internal and external ATMs. You can also make unlimited transfers free of cost. This account does not incur any monthly fees or need you to maintain a minimum balance.

Scotiabank Getting There Savings Program for Youth:

This account is ideal for users of ages 18 years and below and does not incur any monthly fee. While the interest rates aren’t all that competitive, they are higher than the rates you’ll receive on other Scotiabank savings accounts. You can also use the unlimited Interac debit transactions facility.

Scotiabank also offers lines of credit, loans, mortgages, credit cards, and chequing and savings accounts.

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