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Royal Bank of Canada – RBC Savings Account

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RBC Savings Account provides high-interest rates on deposits. Compare and find the Best Royal Bank of Canada Savings Account in Canada

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Best RBC Savings Accounts in Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is the largest in the country and offers services to customers in 38 countries all over the world. You can make use of their network of over 4,600 ATMs and bank branches to avail of savings accounts with different rates designed to match your needs. The Royal Bank of Canada also provides banking services over the internet, mobile phone, and telephone. And, offers you assurance by way of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) insurance.

RBC Royal Bank High-Interest eSavings Account:

Choose this online savings account option for attractive yearly interest rates. You can make any number of online transfers at $1.00 for each to other RBC accounts. You also receive facilities of no monthly charges and one no-cost withdrawal each month. However, external ATM withdrawals will cost you $1.50 per transaction.

RBC Royal Bank Leo’s Young Savers Account:

This option is ideal for young people between the ages of 0 to 19 years. This savings account offers you facilities such as no-limit Interac e-Transfers and 15 debits each month. Withdrawals from external ATMs will cost you $1.50 per transaction

RBC Royal Bank Day to Day Savings Account:

Should you opt for this savings account, you’ll find that it has a tiered interest rate and is ideal for people who are learning to save. You can earn the maximum rate of interest on balances higher than $5,000. You can also avail of one free debit transaction each month and no monthly charges. Though, you’ll incur a $2.00 individual transaction fee along with charges for making withdrawals from external ATMs and e-transfers.

RBC Royal Bank Enhanced Savings Account:

To earn interest on this savings account, you’ll need to have a balance of over $5,000. The account pays you a tiered interest rate and levies no monthly fee. However, you’ll pay charges of $2.00 for every transaction, $1.00 for electronic transfers, and $1.50 for withdrawals from external ATMs.

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