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EQ Bank Savings Account

With an EQ Bank Savings Plus Account, you can get access to the EQ Bank website and the mobile app. Both of which will make money management go a lot smoother.

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EQ Bank high-interest savings has so much more to offer. There’s:

  • 5 free Interac e-transfers per month
  • free unlimited Electronic Fund transfers for your every day
  • the ability to pay your bills with a savings account
  • tracking your savings
  • an account that’s always free with no minimum balance
  • immediately processed transactions
  • and a high-interest savings account with a paid monthly interest of as much as 2.30%

Go paperless with EQ Bank’s hassle-free savings today.

About EQ Bank Savings Account 

Equitable Bank started off as The Equitable Trust Company when it was founded in 1970. Since then, it’s become a regulated Schedule I Bank with over 600 employees. It specializes in home equity, lines of credit, mortgages, and a number of other deposit services. The proof of its credibility can be found in its $23 billion total assets. It’s these kinds of longevity and statistics that one should look for in a bank.

But even with a capable bank, there are some little pet peeves with banking. Perhaps the worst of which is needing to wait in line to process a transaction.

Well, not anymore.

EQ Bank: A Better Way to Bank

EQ Bank is Equitable Bank’s solution to every banking woe. With the mission of putting customers first, they completely did away with long lines and waiting.

EQ Bank has no physical branches. Instead, it offers complete access to accounts all the time. Even their personalized Customer Care is readily accessible outside of the strict hours of a regular bank.

That’s not even the best part. With an EQ Bank Savings Plus account, you receive great interest rates at as much as 2.30% per dollar. You won’t even have monthly fees to worry about.

Providing efficient 24/7 customer care services and offering you the possibility of accessing your accounts over the internet and your mobile phone, the EQ Bank is an entirely online banking solution. A digital banking unit of Equitable Bank, EQ Bank allows you to earn higher rates of interest than other savings accounts thanks to its cost saving operations of not maintaining physical branches. Currently, Equitable Bank stands seventh among the largest banking organizations in the country.

Also called the Savings Plus Account, the EQ Bank Savings Plus Account offers you facilities of limitless fund transfers and withdrawals without incurring any fee. You can earn an everyday competitive interest rate and make use of five Interac e-Transfers every month free of cost. The account does not levy a monthly fee, and your funds are covered by CDIC insurance.

While EQ Bank only offers savings account options, you can contact their main financial organization, Equitable Bank with requests for investing in GICs.

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