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Execulink Telecom

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Execulink Internet Plans

Compare & Find the Best Execulink Internet Plans in Canada. We have compiled a list of the best Execulink internet plans available in Ontario. From high speed internet plans to unlimited bandwidth internet plans. Find the best Execulink internet Plans below.

About Execulink

Execulink is a Canadian telecommunications business providing internet, telephone, TV and mobile services.

Their internet services include state of the art Fibre technology as well as high-speed DSL, dial-up, cable or wireless. Prices for packages vary according to the speed of downloading. Their most economical plan starts at $29.95/month.

Execulink is generous with its data allowances for their internet plans, but also charge some of the highest overage rates as compared to other companies.

For night owls, Execulink is an optimal choice since they offer free data between 2am-9am so you can feel free to download as you please during that time without it counting against your monthly allowance.

Besides their range of telecommunications services, Execulink also has deep roots in their community, making generous contributions to nonprofit organizations both in the Ontario region and throughout Canada to 150 nonprofit organizations.

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Execulink Telecom Internet

Execulink Telecom Provides internet service in 1 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Execulink Telecom is $54.58.

Execulink Telecom has a total of 12 Internet Plans

Execulink Telecom offers the highest speed of 300 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Execulink Telecom is $35 

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