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How the DSL Internet Works

The DSL system works because telephone cables have the capacity to relay signals via thousands of frequencies with telephone communication using only a few of them. For this reason, the local telephone company can provide you High-Speed Internet access through its existing network. You might think of the DSL system as an advanced version of the dial-up internet system.

Types of DSL Networks

  • Symmetrical DSL – With the symmetrical DSL, you’ll receive equal bandwidth and speeds for uploading and downloading.
  • Asymmetrical DSL – Given that users are likely to download more data that they may upload files, the asymmetrical DSL is a more popular choice of internet services. You’ll receive more bandwidth for downloading as compared to the bandwidth for uploading.

Positives of DSL Networks:

  • DSL networks are typically more economical since they relay data over existing phone lines.
  • DSL networks are more easily available.
  • DSL networks allow you a specific circuit that you don’t share with other users just like the phone line. For this reason, you don’t need to worry about multiple users jamming the phone lines just like in the case of cable internet that can slow down when multiple users in a particular neighborhood are accessing the internet at the same time.

Downsides of DSL Networks:

  • While you may be able to find internet services that provide faster speeds, they may not be as economical as DSL networks
  • The efficiency of the DSL network is dependent on its distance from the central office. You may find that if you’re located further away from the main hub, you have a weaker signal with slower speeds.


Should you rely on the DSL Internet, you’ll find that it is dependable, economical, and easily available over your current telephone connection.

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