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A young company, Coextro was established only in 2012. Since its founding until to this day, the company has been offering high-speed internet plans with no data capping. However, its products are offered only to apartment complexes, condominiums, and hotels but not to other types of residence units like houses.

Coextro Internet Plans

Apart from its trademark internet services, Coextro also offers telephone and television services. Despite being new, it already has managed to make its mark on the telecommunications industry.

So how does Coextro compare to its competitors when it comes to residential internet plans?

Among internet service providers catering exclusively to apartments, condominiums, and hotels, Coextro offers the most cost-efficient plan. For the price of $45 per month, customers can enjoy an internet speed and download speeds of 100 mbps with unlimited bandwidth.

Installation is free when you opt to subscribe to Coextro’s services. And here’s what seals the deal for many customers: no lock-in periods. The only possible problem a customer might come across is that if there are no other customer in the building apart from them, they might have trouble convincing the building supervisor to apply for the service.

Until a good number of people requests for the service’s application, then the chances to avail a plan from any ISP is slim.

In summary, Coextro trumps other key players in providing excellent service at a reasonable price --save for the fact that it doesn’t offer its products to homes.

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Coextro Internet

Coextro Provides internet service in 1 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Coextro is $43.82.

Coextro has a total of 12 Internet Plans

Coextro offers the highest speed of 500 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Coextro is $19 

… and more

Coextro Home Internet Plans & Service Providers in Canada
No. of Plans
Connection Type
Minimum Price
Maximum Price
Top Speed
Cable, DSL
500 mbps

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