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Cable Internet

What is a Cable Internet & How does it work?

Cable internet signals are sent to you by the local cable service provider over the designated space on a television channel that manages data transmission. To use the internet service, you’ll need a relay connection between the cable modem termination network and subscriber cable modem.

This connection is created by a cable modem which is a small box installed in your home. Both upstream and downstream transmissions are sent to the user through the modem that is, in turn, connected to the coaxial cable or USB cord. This active and live cable activates the internet service and brings it to your computer. That’s how you get internet access.

Uses of Cable Internet

Cable internet provides you access to the internet through a speedy broadband connection. Here are some of its uses:

  • The speed matches that of your cable TV transmissions. On the other hand, dial up and DSL services may only give you varying speeds and can be up to 10 times slower than cable internet.
  • If you need to work over the internet or play games, you may want to choose a service that provides uninterrupted connectivity.
  • If you regularly use the internet for live video chats, conference calling, and sending important messages, choose cable internet that offers real time communication.
  • In recent times, more users are opting for telephone services transmitted through cable internet for their crystal clear sound quality and costs that are more economical as compared to conventional telephone connection providers.

Best Bravo Telecom Internet Plans and Offers in Quebec

Best Bravo Telecom Internet Plans and Offers in Quebec

Unlimited data usage that comes with all Bravo Telecom internet packages is a definite plus. The company provides several packages, so you get to choose one according to your specific requirements. Depending on the package you select, you might benefit by getting free installation. For a limited time, the company is providing free installation with all packages. Students might benefit by taking a look at its ongoing promotional offers too.
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