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Best Internet Providers Canada 

We help you find popular internet service providers (ISP) in Canada so you can get the most bang for your buck. When looking for the best internet provider, the foremost requirement is speed. High bandwidth, and high download speed equals gets you a faster connection. While Cable Internet is still very popular in Canada, many internet providers offer the latest Fibre optic network. 

Below are some popular internet providers in Canada:

There are also other providers offering cheap internet plans such as:

Compare & Find Cheap Internet Plans  

Considering the many internet providers available in Canada, it is important to choose the internet plan that best suits your requirement and usage. We can help you find an internet provider offering high speed internet at a low monthly cost.

Compare internet providers based on:

We understand that some internet plans don’t stand out against their less popular competitors. You may not be aware of a few great local internet providers such as Execulink, Yak, Montreal DSL, Netfox to name a few. Compare all internet providers in Canada in one convenient location to find the perfect internet plan for you. 

Best High Speed Internet Providers in Canada 

Do not assume that high-speed internet service can only be availed from the rather popular and expensive internet providers in Canada. There are so many local internet providers offering the latest fibre optic technology with high speed internet. With you can select your desired Bandwidth, upload/download speed and find internet plans with high speed. 

Best Unlimited Internet Plans in Canada 

 Unlimited Internet Plans give you unlimited access to the Internet, which would be a great option for those who constantly use the Internet. There are many providers who offer internet plans with no overage charges or usage caps for high speed internet. Find the best unlimited internet plans for a fixed monthly fee and save money. 

What much Data do you need? 

The data you need typically depends on your lifestyle, work and other engagements such as studies, business or home use. If you are a heavy user you might want to consider unlimited data packages that are offered by many ISPs. 

Some internet providers restrict the amount of data included depending on your monthly cost. It is important to keep an eye out for any overage charges. Keep track of your online usage, for example, if you do a lot of video streaming such as Netflix you probably need an internet plan with high data usage. If you only use the internet for online browsing or social media, you could probably make do with a cheap internet plan with a lighter bandwidth. 

Best Business Internet Providers  

Most businesses depend on internet one way or another. Therefore finding the right internet plan for business is very crucial. We compare business internet providers from all across Canada catering to all kinds of businesses – from local small businesses to large corporates, you can compare and find the best internet plan for your business.    

Cable Internet vs DSL vs Fiber Internet

Cable Internet is delivered to you via your cable service provider, is connected through your television and is often shared amongst your neighborhood. Digital Subscriber Line, commonly termed as DSL is directly connected to your telephone, and is usually a cheaper internet option.

On the other hand, Fiber Internet may be the fastest of these three as it does not use copper for its wires. Fiber optics are composed of glass which resist any interference. This is the latest technology being rolled out by many Canadian Internet providers such as Bell Media.


Popular Internet providers in Canada

Internet Service Providers may be ruled and dominated by the most popular companies like Bell Fiber, Telus, and Rogers. The popularity may have been brought by their longitude in the business and their amazing marketing of their product that has stood the test of time and change.

However, despite being small compared to these companies, some are gaining the limelight as well such as Teksavvy, Acanac, Beanfield etc.

Compare all internet providers in Canada and find the best internet plans to suit your requirement.

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Many Canadians are familiar with Vidéotron’s cable television service, but the company has also been part of the wireless cell phone world since 2010. They started out as a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and quickly became a popular option for customers in Québec. As a result, Vidéotron was able to build a large high-speed LTE network in the area, making the company able to offer some of the best rates and features in Canada. Vidéotron Mobile operates in Québec and eastern Ontario, but its regional partnership with Rogers Wireless gives consumers free roaming access across Canada, even outside Vidéotron’s network. The company also offers premium customers cross-border accessibility to the U.S. Premium and Premium+ customers can also access Club illico (serving movies and TV shows). All customers can use the Stingray music app for no additional charge. For three years in a row, Vidéotron earned the J. D. Power’s “Highest Network Quality Performance Among Wireless Cell Phone Users in the East Region” award. Besides mobile network service, the company sells phones, tablets, and accessories.

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