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Best Home Phone Plans

Going through all the service providers in Canada is a daunting task, but someone has to do it. That someone is By a few clicks of the button, you will have a list of the cheapest Phone Service providers in the area.

Popular VoIP Providers & Plans

VoIP Much Home Phone Service

  • Free Canada Wide Calling
  • Free Local Calls
  • Free North America Calling
  • Free USA Calling
  • Residential Home Phone Service

Yak Premium Home Phone Plan

Enjoy a great rate, 12 features, unlimited local calling and 500 Canada/U.S. Long Distance minutes every month.

500 FREE Canada/US minutes

Vonage World® Canada

Unlimited¹ talk to more than 60 countries for one low price, with a plan that lets you make and receive calls on your home phone and two smartphones using our app.

Top 3 Landline Phone Plans

Rogers Essential Home Phone

Unlimited Local Calling

500 mins Canada and U.S. calling for $10/mo

Bell Home Phone Lite

Reliable Home phone

  • Great sound quality
  • Affordable long distance plans


  • Unlimited local calling

Telus Home Phone Lite

A basic plan to enjoy a reliable landline connection.

  • Calling Feature of your choice

  • Unlimited local calling

How to Setup VoIP Phone service For Small Business

How to Setup VoIP Phone service For Small Business

Here are the essential steps you’ll need to take for the setting up of VoIP for your business. You might need to evaluate if the VoIP service is actually economical and if it will help you make significant savings on your conventional phone service say, on an annual...

Compare Best Business VoIP Providers in Canada

Compare Best Business VoIP Providers in Canada

To integrate the office network and to enhance the efficiency of internal and external calls, most businesses (both small and large) subscribe to VoIP phone services. This also helps businesses cut down the high monthly phone bill while using traditional landline...

4 types of VoIP for a Business

4 types of VoIP for a Business

The 4 types of phones systems businesses would use: Key-less System, Key Systems or KSU, PBX or Private Branch Exchange System, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP System. Learn more about them here.
Best Distributel – Yak Home Phone

Best Distributel – Yak Home Phone

Distributel - Yak Home Phone Yak's main product is its digital home service which has since become an ideal solution for Canadians who are looking for a way of replacing the landline phone service. The introductory price for Yak’s basic plan costs $4.75 per month....

Best Residential Voip Providers

Best Residential Voip Providers

Residential VoIP Buyer’s Guide This is a simple guide to help you when shopping for an ideal residential VoIP service around you. Provider Reviews and Services comparison Before signing up for VoIP services, take your time to scrutinize and...