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  • You may be surprised at the number of VOIP phone providers in Canada. Traditional land line phones are no longer a monopoly. Compare VoIP Phone Plans and see how much you could save on your phone bills.

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  • Although landline phones are considered to be a traditional connection, they continue to provide reliable service to many Canadians. Compare Landline Phone Plans from several providers for a great monthly cost.

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  • Making calls to anywhere in Canada and the United States has never been so affordable. Compare between several phone providers for great Unlimited North America calling plans and save on long distance bills.

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  • Stay in touch with your loved ones across the world. Save by comparing home phone service providers with unlimited international calls to many countries. Call just around the corner or around the world for less.

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Home Phone Plans

Cheap Home Phone Service Providers in Canada

When it comes to choosing a home phone technician, everyone seems to have cost of service as the top consideration. While affordable providers are preferable, it may not be easy to know the real cost and value of service you get if you do not have a comparison tool.

If you are looking for a cheap service provider in Canada, what are some of the matters to keep in mind? First, office location is a crucial factor. You want a provider who will arrive at your home in time. Moreover, they should be licensed to offer services in Canada and be experienced.

Going through all the service providers in Canada is a daunting task, but someone has to do it. That someone is By a few clicks of the button, you will have a list of the cheapest providers in the area.

VoIP Providers Canada

Canadians everywhere are embracing the cost-saving possibilities of VoIP. Millions of internet subscribers, most of who are home based, can be found in Canada . Similarly, there are many VoIP providers in Canada. They offer a wide range of products that range from pay-as-you-go plans to monthly subscriptions.

Although the pricing plans are different, consumers can save incredibly, if they use the tool to compare all aspects of the cost. This is because there is much more to cost when it comes to VoIP providers.

Some other important features to look at include portability, instant messaging, call number display, conference calls and video calling. If you are interested in these and other features and really want value for your money, you need to visit and get a suitable VoIP provider in Canada.+

Comparing the best VoIP Providers in Canada

Have you noted the high interest Canadians have in VoIP? What is the technology all about and where can one get this service? Well, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to talk over the internet. Other names for this technology are internet telephony, broadband phone and voice over broadband.

Whether you are looking for business or residential VoIP, there is only one way of getting the best providers in Canada. offers numerous suggestions based on your location. Of course, you need to consider other important characteristics too. Generally, some of the renowned providers are Convergia, Yak, Primus and Thinktel.

As you look for providers, remember to insist on secure VoIP to ward off the danger of cyber crime. The best providers know how to control threats using state-of-the-art protection methods. Good luck!

Compare the Best Business Phone Line Providers in Canada

Are you in need of business phone line? You have more than enough choices. The Canadian phone line market is diverse so you had better take time to research before jumping headfirst. What kind of business are you operating? Get a plan that suits you by comparing the best business phone line providers in Canada.

Do you want to make savings on your line? Every business is unique. Some need a lot of calling across different types of lines. Others are predominantly landline calls. The amount of savings will depend on your calling pattern. With so many business line options, you have the opportunity to save.

Visit; choose a provider and a suitable plan. You can specify the phone line needs of your business as much as possible and still get something that suits you. Whether it is a complete, premium or basic line, there is something for everyone.