Registered GIC Rates

Registered GIC Rates

In case you have a plan of investing in savings deposit that is registered but has no idea of the starting point, looking into the existing rates in the market. They already might give you a head start. Luckily, from most financial institutions we do our shopping, giving you an array to compare of the best Canadian registered GICs. We are ready to assist you in opening your choice of a product of a GIC that is registered and best as per your convenience.

What is a Registered Guaranteed Investment Certificate?

A registered GIC basically is any GIC that it invested in any of the registered savings deposits that exist in Canada as a directive of the Federal government.

Types of Registered GICs

There are different types of registered GICs that one can purchase as below;

  1. RRSP GIC (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) which was established for Canadians as savings for retirement and investments.
  2. RIF GIC (Retirement Income Funds) helps people to transfer funds from RRSP whilst sheltering the funds from taxation after retirement.
  3. RESP GIC (Registered Education Savings Plan) helps one to save for post education for his children.
  4. RDSP GIC (Registered Disability Savings Plan) which allows Canadians with disabilities to maintain funds backup for future living costs and medical bills.

However, some of the specific terms of purchase and redeeming hence important to take note of them to avoid extra charges.

Top 10 Registered GIC Rates in Canada

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Interest Rate 0.05%

Min Investment $1000

Interest Rate 0.40%

Min Investment $500

Interest Rate 0.65%

Min Investment $1000

Interest Rate 0.95%

Min Investment $500

Interest Rate 1.25%

Min Investment $1000

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