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Bank Of Montreal GIC Rates

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Compare the best bank of Montreal GIC rates in Canada and save. We have compiled a detailed list of all GIC Bank of Montreal GIC Rates in Canada.

BMO Bank of Montreal offers a more varied selection of GICs. Besides the standard redeemable and non-redeemable GICs, they also provide market-linked and U.S. Dollar GICs. Bank clients are also given the option to choose the best term duration that would suit their needs. The minimum investment required to purchase GICs from BMO is $1000.

Bank of Montreal GIC Rates

The experts at Bank of Montréal have been managing people’s finances for a long time and have earned a respectable reputation for their customer first approach. GICs issued by BMO comes with the BMO reputation and hence are preferred by customers all over Canada. 

BMO issues of a variety of GIC with a range of flexibility only in the interest of the customers. Hence you have the option of choosing the maturity that you want, the kind of return that you expect your money to yield, and the flexibility of redeeming your fund before the maturity period. CompareMyRates has listed below that entire bouquet of GICs that BMO has on offer currently in the market. Choosing our BMO GIC will help you to maximize the return that you can get from idle funds while having the guarantee that your fund is with the experts of the financial markets of Canada, BMO.

About BMO Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal operates as BMO Financial Group, and commonly known as BMO is one of Canada’s Big Five Banks and the most diverse financial provider. Its services range from personal and commercial banking to investments, capital market, and wealth management. BMO Bank of Montreal is responsible for BMO Financial Group’s personal and commercial banking. BMO is Canada’s oldest bank operating more than 900 branches serving over seven million customers.

BMO has an extensive reach thanks to its numerous bank branches. The bank also offers 24-hour support through its online, telephone, and mobile banking services.


GIC Rates – BMO Bank of Montreal

The interest rates on individual GICs from BMO are computed based on term duration. For maximum gains, their 10-year GIC offers the highest interest rate. On a larger scale, BMO’s six-year non-registered GICs has one of the best rates among GICs offered by various banks in Canada.


BMO Bank of Montreal Product Comparison

Specializing in personal and commercial banking, BMO offers a line of savings and checking accounts with various features tailored to fit the needs of different clients. In addition to their deposit products, investment services, mortgages & loans, BMO also offers several credit cards with cash back and travel perks.


Best GIC rates by BMO

To know if one of BMO’s GIC offerings is the best for you, it is advisable to compare your other options first. Compare GICs by BMO and find the best GIC rates that give high ROI on your investments.

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