Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Get your credit card to pay towards your next travel. A travel rewards credit card helps you earn rewards every time you use your card to make purchases. These rewards could be used to pay for your travel expenses such as flights, accommodation and car rentals. Compare the best travel rewards credit cards in Canada and apply for the card that works best for you.

Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards in Canada 

  • Every dollar you spend on everyday purchases translates into travel points that you can use later for travel expenses.
  • These travel points can be used for flight costs, hotel accomodations, transit fees like cab fare, car rentals, baggage fees and more.
  • Some cards even come with complimentary insurance policies: traveling health insurance, trip interruption or flight delay insurance, baggage coverage, and car rental insurance to name a few.
  • Depending on the credit card provider, you could exchange your travel points for a certain dollar amount, or use the rewards to make a purchase directly.