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Secured Credit Cards are a way for you to improve your credit history or to avail a credit card if you don’t find yourself eligible for any other types of credit cards. It can also be used as a regular credit card with some special attributes.

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Cash Advance: 22.99%

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Get up to $150 in cash back Bonuses. Offer Details**

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Best Secured / Guaranteed Credit Cards Canada

If you wonder what credit card history is, here’s a hint for you. Suppose you own a credit card and you use it too often. You pay the interests and fees regularly in time. The card provider will then recognize you as a valued customer and assign a good rating to your profile.

Similarly, when you fail to pay the interests in time, a bad rating will be added to your profile and that will generate a bad credit history. Secured credit cards provide an option to skip this by fixing the credit limit according to your deposits. The idea is that you can spend the money as much as you deposited to your account.

The amount of money that you deposit is actually totally up to you but there is always a minimum amount that you must deposit to avail this offer. You can think of this money as the security deposit which will be dismissed if you fail to pay the interests. But that saves your purpose completely.

There is another exciting feature in secured cards. The money you deposited in the beginning will be considered as an investment and you will gain profits from this investment continuously.

The profit will be allocated by increasing the amount of your deposit. So, as you can see that here, you are spending money and earning limits at the same time. This card is very handy to build a very good credit card history which will eventually enable you to take loans in future.
If you are new to Canada or you are a student or even a discharged bankrupt, you won’t find it easy to maintain a credit card here. Sometimes, the card providers won’t allow to bear credit cards for the lack of backups.

You know that credit cards promote security as you don’t need to keep cash with you to make purchases. Secured credit cards enable you to make purchases via credit cards too. You can even set specific targets like buying a home or a car in future when you get a secured card. So, be secured and get a credit card now.

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