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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

If you would you like to enjoy the benefits of having a credit card minus the annual fees, there are many credit card providers in Canada offering no annual fee credit cards. In fact, you could redeem great benefits and even cash back bonuses from your card without paying any annual fees. Compare and find the best no annual fee credit card in Canada below. 

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No Annual Fee Credit Cards Canada

No annual fee credit cards do not charge any annual account maintenance fees and could save you as much as $400 per annum. The zero annual charges may be provided for a promotional period or for the card life.

This type of card is ideal as it keeps your costs low, especially if you don’t use your card on a regular basis, and when you cannot justify paying high annual fees. However, they often have higher purchase rates than other credit cards. No annual fee credit cards are packaged with other enticing benefits which may include; reward points, low-interest credit cards.

There are different types of no annual fee credit cards in the market today ideal for different cardholders. They differ in features and benefits; they may not have as many additional features as the other credit cards. This guide will help you to analyze the different types of no annual fee credit cards, their features, benefits, pros, and cons.

Factors to Consider When Applying For a No Annual Fee Credit Card

Here are a number of factors you need to consider before you apply of a no annual fee credit card:

  • Frequency Of Card Use – If you use your credit card on rare occasions, a no annual fee card is ideal for you for any unexpected expenses. This is a deal for a rare online buyer.
  • Do You Carry A Balance – No annual fee credit card can be expensive when you carry a balance since it attracts higher interest rates. In such a case, a low-interest card is most suitable.
  • Debt – If you have a debt on your card, you should apply for a no annual fee credit card with a 0% interest rate to save money on interest costs.
  • Credit Card Benefits –You should consider other benefits such as complimentary insurance and reward programs to ensure that the no annual fee credit card carries your desired benefits.
  • Consider the $0 Annual Fee Promotion Period – It is good to consider whether you will still use the card after the no annual fee introductory period. If yes, consider its interest rate and extra features, and if rates and benefits are not competitive enough, ensure that the card is cancelled before the end of the first year to avoid paying high annuals fees after the promotional period.

Benefits of No Annual Fee Credit Cards

  • Saves Money: – The main benefit of $0 annual fee cards is that they have no annual charges on your accounts. Most credit cards charges between 99 to 120 dollars annual fees. For a no fee annual life card, it can save you millions of dollars over a number of
  • It is Practical: – Even without other additional rewards or benefits, zero annual fee cards are ideal for unexpected expenses and emergencies which require credit. There is no need to pay for a card that you do not frequently use. For instance, it is an ideal choice if you only need the card to make some online purchases a few times a year.
  • Additional Deals and Offers: – Most no annual fee cards offer other perks that you could have paid for. Such offers may include frequent flyer programs among other deals.

Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards in Canada

As its name denotes, a no-fee credit card has not yearly use fees or any sort of charges associated with its use.  Many credit card companies charge a fee for just the convenience of using them for transactions whereas no-fee credit cards won’t charge you any fees and their use comes with a few basic privileges. Some though, have generous rewards for their owners.

Many credit card providers charge the card owner annual fees which average to about $100/year. There are some no-fee credit card options, but they usually don’t offer the cardholder any privileges or rewards. No Fee cards could be very useful for people who don’t have to use credit cards too frequently while having the option to pay for online transactions and developing a good credit status in Canada. 

No Annual Fee cards vs. Rewards Credit Cards

No Annual fee cards are ideal for students and people who are on a budget and just want a basic credit card as a backup. Since the majority of students don’t have much money to pay or waste on fees,  student credit cards with no-fee would be a great option for them.  And if you are not a student and just want to stay on budget, this would also work for you as you don’t have to pay any fees. 

Rewards Credit Cards generate cashback or travel rewards in points and are not always good options because some companies overstate the value of these points. But if you use a credit card regularly or purchases, or to pay bills you may as well collect rewards rather than pay an annual fee. 

You could also consider keeping two credit cards at the same time. Your primary card could be a rewards credit card and an additional card with no annual fees. Since no-fee credit cards don’t cost anything, they make an ideal backup solution.

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