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Tangerine Credit Cards

Tangerine, formerly known as ING Direct Canada, has been a growing presence since 1997. Tangerine continues to be known for its “Forward banking” approach. With no annual fee, Tangerine’s Money-Back credit card actually pays you to spend money. Apply for Tangerine Credit Card and start saving.

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Tangerine Cash Back Credit Card

Tangerine’s innovative ideas, simple financial products, and excellent customer service pave the way for them to grow as a top contender in the Canadian financial world.

Recently introduced Tangerine Money Back Credit Card gives you up to 2% money back rewards and a host of additional features to receive cash back. With no annual fee, Tangerine’s Money-Back credit card actually pays you to spend money.  If those features aren’t enough, you can also deposit your rewards straight into your savings account every month or automatically apply them to your card balance.

Tangerine is a subsidiary of Scotiabank since 2012 and continues its model of direct banking by operating without traditional bank branches. In addition to credit cards, Tangerine also offers mortgages, RRSPs, GICs as well as Chequing Account with no fees. We help you compare the best credit cards and find the credit card that best suits your requirement.

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