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Scotiabank Credit Cards

Scotiabank offers a long list credit cards that serve the different financial needs that Canadians have today. Whether you’re looking for travel rewards, loyalty program rewards, or cash back, all you need to do is add your credit score, select the type of card you are looking for to compare all Scotiabank cards that match your needs, and apply for the one that is right for you.

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Scotiabank Credit Cards

The Bank of Nova Scotia, commonly known as Scotiabank has a very rich history. Founded in Nova Scotia back in 1832, the bank quickly expanded throughout the region. Then, in 1882 Scotiabank started to increase its reach by expanding further and further. Now, Scotiabank markets itself as ‘Canada’s most international bank’ and has spread through Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and India so as a customer you can be assured you will find a branch near you.

Being the 3rd largest financial institution in Canada, Scotiabank is equipped to offer its customers a wide variety of Visa and Amex products. Using the comparison tools on, you will be able to find a Scotia credit card that will suit your needs perfectly.

Scotiabank offers long list credit cards that serve the different financial needs that Canadians have today. Whether you are looking for cash back or rewards cards, Scotiabank has something to offer. 

Best Scotiabank Credit Cards in Canada

The Scotiabank Gold American Express Card gives you four times the points on every dollar you spend. Whether it’s gas, groceries, or dining out, you can watch the reward points stack up. These points can be redeemed on various travel expenses, and while you’re travelling you can rest easy with the travel insurance benefits this card comes with  The annual fee is waived off for the 1st year for a limited time. Thereafter if you don’t want a $99/year fee, then the non-gold version Scotiabank American Express Card for only $39/year may be a better option.

Maybe you don’t do much for travelling and rather receive cash-back rewards. The Scotia Momentum suite of Visa cards comes in three different versions depending on your spending preference. The basic Scotia Momentum No-Fee Visa with no annual fee you can get 1% cash back on your purchases. Whereas the Scotia Momentum Visa Card gives you 2% cash back on purchases and comes with a $39/year fee. But the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card gives you infinite possibilities to earn 5% cash-back card for the first 3 months, but it comes with a $99 annual fee which may be worthwhile only if you plan to use the card for a lot of purchases.


Scotiabank Credit Card Rewards

Treat yourself to four free movies with the signup bonus of 2000 SCENE points when you sign up for the Scotia SCENE Visa, their third most popular card. You can earn 5 SCENE points for every dollar spent at Cineplex or 1 SCENE point per dollar anywhere else. Anybody that is on a tight budget can benefit from this card because it has no annual fee. Not only can the points be redeemed on at Cineplex, they can also be redeemed for other merchandise at Sportchek and many participating restaurants

These are only a few of the most popular cards that Scotiabank has to offer. They also have various no annual fee, travel rewards, and business cards to choose from. You can compare them all with the tools we provide on 

Scotiabank Credit Cards

Scotiabank (also known as The Bank of Nova Scotia) is one of the leading international banks and a large financial services provider, which operates in Canada, Central and Latin America, North America, the Caribbean and in some countries in Asia. This Canada’s bank serves more than 21 million customers (in over 50 countries around the world) through a wide range of products and services, such as commercial and personal banking, private banking, wealth management, investment and corporate banking.

The Bank of Nova Scotia trades on New York Exchanges as well as Toronto (TSX: BNS). It was founded in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) in 1832. Today, Scotiabank is a very successful company that employs more than 86,000 workers, and it had assets of $852 billion in January 2015. Also, it is a third-largest bank in Canada by market capitalization and deposits.

Scotiabank is based on several factors, including:

  • A committed team that provides its customers with financial solutions, expert advice, and insights.
  • A highly diversified business that operates within a defined global footprint.
  • A strong strategy with three main priorities: enhancing leadership depth, to be more focused on customers, and to serve customers while reducing costs.

There are various types of Scotiabank Credit Cards, such as Cash Back Credit Cards, Travel and Travel-Platinum Cards, Low-Interest Credit Cards, Rewards Cards, Student Cards, No Annual Fee Cards, and so on. However, the three best (most popular) Scotiabank’s credit cards are Gold American Express Card, Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite card and SCENE VISA card.   

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