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American Express Credit Cards

AMEX Credit Cards are considered as one of the most prestigious. If you’re looking for a credit card with great rewards or a business credit card with rewards, or one many travel rewards cards, then American Express might be the provider for you. Compare all Amex credit cards to find the perfect credit card for your unique needs.

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Best American Express Credit Cards

You may not know the fact that American Express started as an express mail company out of Buffalo, NY in the 1850s. From there, two of the founders, Henry Wells and William Fargo, went on to form Wells Fargo and Co.. In 1882, Amex expanded its services with the launch of a money order business in competition with the United States Post Office. A few years later, they issued the first Amex traveller’s cheques to simplify money exchange overseas.
It wasn’t until 1958 that Amex issued its first credit card and became an active competitor in world finance. Amex was the first provider to introduce plastic credit cards in 1959.

Compare AMEX Cards in Canada

American Express is popular for its charge cards. They require the cardholder to pay the full balance by the due date much unlike its other counterparts. However Amex has always been associated with prestige, in spite of charging high interest rates and high annual fees, but this is offset by the excellent customer service and unparalleled rewards. 

Even though American Express is the smallest of the three major credit card companies in Canada with how many cards they offer or where they are accepted, that doesn’t stop them from having the same great perks and rewards you expect.
Amex offers two different SimplyCash cards. Depending on which one you go with you can get up to 5% cash back on your purchases for the first six months, and then 1.25%-1.50% after that. Another card is the Amex Gold Rewards card and it is one of the most popular Amex cards for Canadians because it includes 25,000 reward points just for signing up for it! Plus, it offers double points on all eligible purchases. Finally, there is the esteemed Platinum card; the most prestigious card. The $699 annual fee comes with a whopping 50,000 reward points and gives you access to the first tier of the Amex Rewards Program.

Our comparison tools on can help you find the right Amex credit card for your wallet.

American Express Credit Cards

American Express credit cards are one of four major card varieties and are the largest issuer credit cards Canada company in terms of customer purchases. American Express offers its customers a variety of credit options including business cards, personal cards and rewards credit cards. American Express is also the major issuer of travellers’ checks around the world.

American Express has more than 109 million cards in circulation, which run on their own network. It makes them the 4th largest credit card issuer in the world. Based on purchase volume, American Express is the largest credit card issuer worldwide.

  • Personal credit cards – Platinum Card, Gold Rewards Card, SimplyCash Card, AeroplanPlus Platinum Card, Blue Sky Credit Card, and so on.
  • Small business credit cards – Business Gold Rewards Card, The Business Platinum Card, The Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card, etc.
  • Corporate credit cards – Green, Gold and Platinum credit cards.
  • Gift credit cards – Esso gift card, Bar Gift Card, The Home Depot Gift Card, and more. This offer is valid only for new business customers.

Each of these credit cards brings rewards points, which can be used for travelling and shopping. For example, Platinum Card, one of the best American Express charge credit cards, enables the following:

  • Also, you can earn 50,000 bonus rewards points by making 1,000 dollars in purchases in the first three months of so-called Cardmembership.
  • These points can be transferred into other frequent flyer or hotel programs.
  • This credit card gives you access to various benefits such as Airport Club Program, Canadian Platinum Lounge Benefit, lodging benefits at more than 700 Fine Hotels & Resorts worldwide, and discounted companion tickets and upgrades.

The Gold Rewards Card also offers different possibilities such as:

  • To earn a bonus of 25,000 rewards points when you charge 500 dollars in purchases.
  • To earn double points on everyday purchases and eligible travel.
  • Transfer your rewards points to frequent flyer programs.
  • Charge any travel to your credit card, and then pay for it with rewards points.

About AXEX Credit Cards

American Express Credit Cards offer a great variety of cards that fit every customer depending on their needs, lifestyle, and preferences. All American Express credit cards come with benefits and services for every consumer spending whether it is on travelling, shopping, dining, and many more. 

American Express Credit Cards may be with and without annual fee cards which vary depending on the type of card. Amex Everyday credit card, Blue Cash Everyday card, TrueEarning card, Hilton HHonors card, Blue card and BlueSky card comes with no annual fee while Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card, Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express, Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, and The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card come with annual fee that varies from card to card. 

Reward Cards – All American Express credit cards come with Membership Rewards program where customers can earn points on each dollar once they spend $1,000 on purchases using card within the first 3 months. The points can be used for shopping, dining, travel and many more from over 500 leading brands. Amex EveryDay Credit Card, Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card, Blue Credit Card and The Mercedes-Benz Credit Card are offered to customers looking to earn membership reward points. 

Cash Back Cards – For users who want to save money, American Express offers Blue Cash EveryDay Card, Blue Cash Preferred Card and TrueEarnings Card. Within the first 3 months, the customer can earn cash back once they spend $1,000 on eligible purchases using the card.

Travel and Partnered Cards – BlueSky card and Blue Sky Preferred card are American Express credit cards that have partnered with Delta, JetBlue, Hilton Honors, Mercedes-Benz and Starwood offering the benefits and services as co-branded cards. American Express TrueEarnings card partnered with Costco. With its partner, Delta the company offers three cards including Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, and Delta Reserve Credit Card. The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card, JetBlue Card, The Mercedes-Benz Credit Card, Hilton HHonors Card, and Hilton HHonorsTM Surpass Card are the other partnered cards of American Express Credit Cards. 

No matter which card the customer chooses, card membership provides access to benefits and services that can match their lifestyle and requirements. American Express credit card benefits and services include 24/7 customer service, zero Lost card liability, emergency card replacement, extended warrantee, purchase protection, return protection, fraud protection, and travel accident insurance.

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