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Credit Card Travel Medical Insurance

Credit Card Travel Medical Insurance

Everyone wants to have a holiday vacation that’s free from any worries. However, there is something that can always go wrong, from losing your baggage and illness abroad to having a canceled trip. That explains why having a travel insurance is crucial to protect yourself and anyone else on board from the devastating effects of emergency situations.

Like most Canadians, you could be having insurance protection yet you don’t know. Most of the reward credit cards offer travel insurance as one of the benefits. It’s not just about making purchases. These cards offer comprehensive travel insurance which includes trip cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance, motel burglary insurance, travel medical insurance and more. The credit card travel insurance is one of the things you may need while on vacation. It’s, therefore, important that you understand how it works and every other thing involved.

Who is covered by a Travel Medical Insurance?

Of course, the first person covered by a travel medical insurance is the primary cardholder. Others who are covered include your spouse and your dependent children. However, it’s important to note that a travel medical insurance coverage can only be valid if your account, as the authorized cardholder, is not only open but also in good standing with the credit card company.

If you’ve used a travel medical insurance coverage before, you’ll agree that your age determines the duration of coverage. If you’re 65 years and over, you’ll only be covered for about four days. However, those that are 65 years and under will be covered up to fifteen days. Well, you could be under 65, and your trip is supposed to stay longer than the fifteen days. That doesn’t mean you can be covered for as long as your trip lasts. You can always purchase additional coverage for to cover the entire period.

What’s covered?

Here’s what you’ll find in a Travel Medical Insurance Plan:

  • Reimbursement for any unexpected medical expenses as a result of emergency medical care
  • Reimbursement for diagnostic services, land and air ambulance fees
  • Reimbursement for unexpected dental expenses for any injury suffered during the trip. Doesn’t include dentures
  • Reimbursement for private nursing services, prescriptions required and medical appliances
  • Vehicle return benefit and Bedside companion benefit
  • Costs incurred in returning of the deceased.
  • Transport to bedside. Covers for a round-trip flight for a family member to visit a person in hospital in another country or province.

What’s not covered?

Like any other type of insurance, there are circumstances under which a travel medical insurance won’t apply. Some of them include:

  • Any circumstance that doesn’t qualify as an emergency. If there’s any medical treatment that can wait until the cardholder returns home, the travel medical insurance won’t apply.
  • When the insured person doesn’t report the medical emergency to the insurer on time.
  • Suicide or any self-inflicted injury
  • Pre-existing medical conditions. If the medical emergency is related to a medical condition the insured person may have been experiencing its symptoms before the trip, he will not be covered by the travel medical
  • A declared or undeclared war
  • Travel to a destination where the government authorities have issued a travel advisory
  • Any medical expenses arising from negligence by the cardholder including when he doesn’t take prescribed drugs.
  • Any medical costs as a result of alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Medical costs as a result of involvement in dangerous activities like drag racing and scuba diving.

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