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Business Credit Cards

Running a business has become considerably easy thanks to the availability of different financial backing options and their accompanying tools, such as credit cards made particularly for business functions. When selecting a credit card for your business, it is crucial to go with an issuer who understands the specific needs of your expanding business and assists in offering a variety of flexible and powerful bonuses.

Regardless of how you run your company, the best business credit card gives you the perks that you will find most useful – whether in the form of airport lounge access for regular travellers and rental car, low-interest cash back for those with big expenses.

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Best Business Credit Cards in Canada – Takeaway Thought

The top Canadian business credit card is not one vague option – there are numerous choices available for users with different needs. Before getting a business credit card, see which bonuses are the most applicable to the operations of your business. For instance, if you travel often, then go for a card that offers hotel stays, flier miles or airport lounge access. The decision you make will ultimately be subjective, but all of the above-mentioned credit cards make worthwhile options.

Looking for a convenient way to run your everyday business expenses? A business credit card is what you need. Every business has unique needs, and we can help you find a business credit card that caters to your business’s specific requirements. Compare & Find the Best Business Credit Cards in Canada in few simple steps below.


Business Credit Card vs. Personal Credit Card

A business credit card and a regular credit card share a few similarities, but business credit cards can do much more than your regular credit card:

  • Higher credit limit– a higher credit limit allows business owners to make more purchases. The higher limit is also attributed to the fact that the card has multiple users, who use it for different business purposes.
  • Does not build credit- regular credit cards build your credit score. Business credit cards only build the credit score of the person whose name is on the account. But with enough time, the account holder can extend the business credit card’s good credit score to apply for other corporate credit.
  • Exclusive perks and rewards- Some credit cards for regular consumers offer a reward system for their customers, business credit cards take that to the next level and offer better perks and rewards like financial management features and disability plans for their employees.
  • Only for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs- anyone can apply for a regular credit card, but you have to own and run your own business to be able to qualify for a business credit card. This is because business owners spend much more than a regular consumer, as they need to buy supplies and other materials to help their business grow.

Benefits of a Business Credit Card

Before you decide on applying for a business credit card, consider some of the advantages below:

  • Be able to do more- with the credit card’s higher credit limit, you will be able to afford all the materials you need, be it items to be sold, or financing business trips to be able to expand your trade to other places.
  • Easier accounting and bookkeeping- accounting and bookkeeping take up a lot of time, but when you have a business credit card; it will be much easier for you to handle your firm’s finances. Never have to worry about it too much again!
  • Multiple users- Don’t you just hate it when your employees overspend on trips? You can easily monitor your employees’ spending habit the next time you send them out by giving them a business credit card. Keep track of how they are spending your money, and avoid any unwanted spending.
  • Travel rewards- One of the exclusive perks of owning a business credit card is that if you use your card to book flights and other travel methods, you get rewards like discounts and more! Most cards offer this, but it is still best to talk to your banker for more details.
  • Optional Insurance Plan- Most cards offer insurance plans like travel insurance, air trip insurance, health and dental and even critical illness protection. This allows you to feel safer knowing that whatever happens, you are always in safe hands.

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