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Walmart Rewards MasterCard Credit Cards are a boon to regular Walmart customers. These cards can be used for payments while purchasing from Walmart stores as well as other locations accepting MasterCard.  Earn Walmart Rewards when you make purchases using the card. Also earn Bonus Walmart Rewards when you sign up. 

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Walmart Credit Cards

Walmart Credit Cards are a boon to regular Walmart customers. These cards can be used for payments while purchasing from Walmart stores.

Walmart Credit Cards do not come with the regular features and offerings of a credit card as it is for use within Walmart. The cards are issued and maintained by the Synchrony Bank with a license from MasterCard. Cardholders will be able to accumulate rewards as per the purchases. Customers are updated about the details via reward statements. The rewards are in the range of $5 for purchases worth $500 and will be managed by Synchrony Bank. The card is secured via Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) chip. One of the most valuable advantages of this card is the option to freely view the FICO scores. This data will be available for customers who sign up for e-statements. FICO score data review on a period basis is highly beneficial to keep a tab on the financial and budget planning.

The card comes without any annual charges and cash advances are available at the time of purchase. Customers benefit via special offers and savings via Walmart Credit Cards. On initial signup and purchase worth $75, there is an instant bonus of $25. The card comes with six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty four months options for financing the shopping amounts. But the interest rates are quite high and customers need to ensure that payments are made before the due dates. The annual percentage rate is 22.9%. The cash advances come at a high rate of 25.9. During special offer period, zero percent interest is offered for six to twelve month period, depending on the spending pattern and eligibility.

The cards are easy to be obtained as there are no requirements for credit check or bank accounts. There is no overdraft fee as well. As per the security program, account balance up to $10,000 might be cancelled, depending on the specific condition. There will be a monthly fee of $1.66 /$100 of the account statement balance. The card comes with a protection from unauthorized usage. The card owners can add additional cards for their family members at free of cost.

Customers are eligible for discounts and offers at gas stations as well. The card holders get a discount of 5 cents/gallon on using the card at participating Walmart gas stations. The additional times for payment are highly appreciated by people from the lower income group. Walmart offers MasterCards and Discover cards as well.

About Walmart Canada

Walmart is a big American retail corporation that operates through its chain of warehouse stores and discount department stores. It was founded in Arkansas (by Sam Walton) in 1962. The company has more than 11,000 different stores in twenty-seven countries. It operates under the Walmart name in Canada and the United States; as Asda in the United Kingdom; in Mewico like Walmart de México; as Best Price in India; and as Seiyu in Japan.

According to the Fortune Global 500 list, Walmart is the largest company in the world by revenue, and also the world's largest private employer with about 2.2 million employees who serve customers around the world. Outside North America, this family-owned company (Walton family) has operations in the United Kingdom, South America, China, and so on. The Canadian division of this huge company is called “Walmart Canada Corp.”, and this division is headquartered in Mississauga. In Canada, Walmart has over 395 stores, including 113 discount stores and 282 Supercentres.

As far as the financial services and products, this company works in several fields, such as Auto Insurance, Check Printing, Money Transfers, and so on. Also, Walmart has several famous credit cards, which comes with various offers and benefits (like rewards, fraud protection, gas discount, and the like). They offer Walmart Credit Cards, Walmart MasterCard, several Walmart Money Cards (Basic, Plus, Specialty and Preferred credit cards), Business Credit Card, Community Credit Card, etc. However, we will mention only most popular credit cards from Walmart, with their features and benefits.

  • Walmart MasterCard – features, rewards, offers and benefits:
  • Earn 5 dollars for every 500 dollars you spend with this card purchase;
  • You can use this Walmart credit card wherever MasterCard credit card is accepted;
  • $0 fraud liability - Receive so-called EMV chip in order to protect you against fraud and unauthorized charges.
  • Gas discount - Save 5 cents per gallon, when purchasing at eligible Walmart gas stations;
  • All rewards appear on your monthly billing statement;
  • Special in-store financing offers.
  • Offer for newly opened accounts on WALMART.COM. It enables customers to save $ 25 when open this credit card and spend at least $ 75. This offer is valid between 9/19/2013 and12/31/2015.

Notice that this offer cannot be combined with other offers and subject to credit approval.

  • Transaction fees: Cash Advance - Either 5 dollars or 3% of the amount; Foreign Transaction - 3% of each transaction.
  • The most popular Walmart Money Cards are:
  • Walmart MoneyCard Basic – features:
  • $0 online purchase fee;
  • The initial load of 20 to 50 dollars is optional;
  • There are no overdraft fees and no credit;
  • It is usable everywhere where Debit MasterCard or Visa credit cards are accepted.
  • Walmart MoneyCard Plus – features:
  • $3 online purchase fee;
  • The initial load is from 20 to 50 dollars;
  • Pay bills through Online Bill Pay Service;
  • Send money online to your family or friends in the U.S., without additional charges.
  • Walmart MoneyCard Preferred – features:
  • $4 online purchase fee;
  • The initial load is from $20 to $50;
  • Add an image to your personalized credit card without additional charges;
  • Free Rapid Reload at Walmart;
  • Send money aside with Online Vault.




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