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Rogers Credit Cards Canada

Review of Rogers Mastercard Credit Card 

The New Rogers MasterCard

Want cash back rewards to apply to purchases on Rogers, Fido or chatr? Check out the The New Rogers™ Platinum MasterCard®.  This Rogers MasterCard earns you 1.75% in cash back rewards on all your card purchases. You can apply your cash back towards purchases in Rogers and Fido branded stores, online at and, or for your Rogers, Fido, or chatr monthly bills. 

Rogers Master Card


If you are a Rogers First Rewards MasterCard® cardholder, you do not need to apply again.  Simply contact Rogers and switch to the Rogers™ Platinum MasterCard®.

For more information on fees, interest rates and rewards, go to and compare the New Rogers™ Platinum MasterCard®Compare best credit cards, interest rates and card rewards at



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