Top 10 Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

Find the best deals on Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Cell Phone Plans in Canada. Below you can find a most comprehensive list of Unlimited Cell Phone Plans in Canada. Our cell phone comparison tool is state-of-the-art and the plans are updated regularly for the most up-to-date information. 

Cell phones have now become a necessity for everyone. While some of us love using it for connecting with friends on Facebook and Twitter, the sense of security you get knowing that you can always reach your friends and family is just priceless.

Best Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Cell Phone Plans

If you use your cell phone to call more often, finding an unlimited calling plan would be your top priority. Yes, you can find mobile plans that offer unlimited calling for amazing prices and these plans can be used regardless of the type of handset you own.

If you have a closer look at mobile plans, you have several factors to consider. For example, you would want to know how much talk time you get along with internet data and text messages. If you are looking for the best cell phone plans, you’ve come to the right place.

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How to choose the Best Unlimited Talk and Text Plan?

Before you go rushing out to buy the first unlimited talk and text plan you come across, it’s better if you do your homework. So what things should you consider?

Talk time

It is recommended that you have a detailed look at the amount of talk time that is included. Some plans offer discounted rates or even free calls to certain numbers i.e. friends and family circle. Some plans offer unlimited calling in the evenings and weekends.

Text Messages

Like unlimited talk time, some plans offer free unlimited texts for you to use. Some providers offer unlimited texts as a part of add-on bundle. Some cell phone providers even provide unlimited texts across Canada as well as International Text Messaging.

 Internet Data

Internet or mobile data allows you to access emails, work documents, and even stream and download music and videos on your smartphone. If you love staying ‘online’ you should probably look for unlimited calls and text messages plan that also includes a generous amount of mobile data.

Should I Worry About the Length of Contract?

Unless you go for no-contract mobile plans, most unlimited calls and text messages plans do have a ‘locked’ time period. So before you switch providers or choose a new shiny phone, make sure you understand the contract details and what charges might be involved if you decide to end the contract early.

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone soon or you are not happy with your current cell phone provider, it’s definitely a smarter choice to go for a plan with a shorter contract.

*Here’s a friendly reminder – most calls and text plans contract last 18 to 24 months and the longer the plan, the more affordable it is. Simply put, if you choose a long-term contract plan, you may have to pay very less upfront for the new handset. In fact, some providers might even offer the handset for free.

Is Unlimited Data Cellphone Plan available in Canada?

Cell Phone plans with unlimited data are especially useful for heavy internet users. If you want to stream music or Netflix on your phone or even use your phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot, a phone plan with unlimited data can be your best bet.

Remember that streaming videos, downloading music and even using Facebook and Twitter on the phone eats up a lot of data and if you’re not careful, you may end up paying a lot of penalty or charges. Calling plans with unlimited data are not yet available in Canada. Well, unfortunately, none of the biggest three Canadian service providers Rogers, Bell, and Telus offer unlimited data at this point in time but you can expect good things to happen soon.

Freedom Mobile has come up with an exciting offer. If you end up consuming your entire data, you can use additional data with no additional charges but there’s a small cost. The bonus data, however, will only be available at a reduced speed. Chatr Mobile also offers the same deal in select regions.

How much will I end Up Paying for Unlimited Calls and Text Messages Plan?

If you generally make lots of calls daily or you prefer sending dozens of text messages, you need a cell phone plan that will minimize your phone costs. Like any other plan type, there’s no one size fits all approach you can take to picking a plan with the best-unlimited calling and text message feature.

Finding out whether all your calling destinations are covered in the unlimited talk time plan is by far the single most deciding factor. That’s right. It’s not possible to call just about every place on the planet even if you have unlimited talk time. In addition to the destinations, you need to check if there’s any kind of add-on required.

Second, you need to figure out whether the plan is prepaid or postpaid. As you can guess, a prepaid plan is the best choice to keep your phone bill low. It might be a little hard to believe that the starting prices for unlimited calls and text plans are roughly about $25 per month. Thanks to a great deal of competition between service providers, you can expect these prices to get lower in the near future.

Few of the most popular unlimited call and text plans under $30 are:

Are Unlimited Data Plans Any Good?

If you like to watch lots of videos, play games, use social media or stream music on your phone, you need to choose an unlimited call and text plan that also offers enough data to handle your needs. You can say that unlimited plans are a wonderful luxury. You can enjoy staying connected with your friends without worrying about phone bills.

Before making a final decision, we recommend that you work out your monthly call, text messages and data usage and then pick a plan that best suits your needs. Some providers help you track your phone usage via a tracking app or their online portal. To find the best unlimited plan, check out our comparison tool right here.

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