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Best Cell Phone Plans from Fido

Fido has just established its name in the big league of the Canadian telecom arena with an addition to its product range – Contract Phone Plans. These plans offer you a range of tab options to choose from offering competition …
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Best and the Cheapest Cell Phone Plans in Canada

So, you’re looking for the cheapest cell phone plan in Canada. But, you have two problems. One, you aren’t if “cheapest” is what you need. Two, you don’t know where to start. First things first. Does the cheapest cell phone …
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Best and Cheapest BYOP Plans in Canada

Given a choice between plans with subsidized phones and Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plans, you’ll find that the BYOP plans are more economical. However, in recent times, the three big carriers are now offering higher prices on their BYO/No …
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Five tips for travelling with your Android smartphone

Travel blogger Matt Gibson joins RedBoard for a guest post sharing his top tips for Android-toting travelers.  Guidebooks – once a necessity – are quickly being rendered obsolete by the wealth of information that can be accessed online and by …
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Setting up a Cell Phone not Purchased from Your Wireless Provider

There are many reasons you may want to set up a cell phone from another provider or store other than your own Wireless Provider, such as better price or sale, your provider does not have the cell phone you want, …
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