Seniors Cell Phone Plans

There are a number of inexpensive prepaid or no contract plans that are affordable cell phone plans for seniors available in Canada. At you can find the best mobile option available for seniors.

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Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 

For Canadian Seniors or other Canadians who are visually or hearing impaired, cell phones are a great device for communication to family and friends, emergencies and ways to connect if they are not as mobile as other Canadians. The issue can be a lot of the cell phones are too expensive, too complicated or impossible to use for those who are visually or hearing impaired.  At, we will be finding the Best Cell Phone Plans for seniors or those with visual or hearing challenges. 

Accessible Cell Phones Plans for seniors or Disabled on a Limited Budget

Many of the ISP’s have a section dedicated to a phone that is accessible, especially the larger companies.  The ISP’s offer accessible options through a variety of superphones, smartphones, cell phones, rate plans, features, and accessories.

Know your rights

The CRTC has a list of wireless facts that you should know and 2 important applicable ones for seniors are 1.  Wireless service providers are required to give customers 911 services wherever they are available and 2.  Wireless service providers should offer at least one accessible mobile wireless handset. 

Senior Discounts – Some of the cell phone companies offering Senior Plan with Discount

Rogers – Offers three Senior Price Plans.  $18.00 for 100 Minutes, $23 for 150 Minutes and $28 for 200 minutes.  Three Price plans include 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes5, Call Waiting, and Group Calling

Bell – They have Senior Wireless Plans but not advertised on the web, you need to call to get the information.