Rogers Cell Phone Plans

Compare & find the cheap & best deals on Rogers Cell Phone Plans in Canada. Compare the best prepaid and monthly billed no contract Rogers Cell Phone Plans. From Unlimited Talktime to Unlimited Data Plans. compare & find the best deals on Rogers Cell Phone Plans. Rogers offers a variety of wireless services to its customers in Canada, allowing them to be connected through their mobile devices using talk, text and data capabilities.

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Rogers Cell Phone Plans 

Rogers features plans such as the Share Everything Plans, Non-Share Plans, and Data Only which provides mobile internet.

Rogers offers a 2-year postpaid plan for a wide variety of mobile phones including basic and smartphones. Its Featured Phone and Devices page lists down the types of phones offered, cost of the plan, monthly repayments, as well as possible savings for each plan. It also enumerates the features and benefits. The company also offers pay as you go under its prepaid plans, which means the customers pay as the service is used. Extras can also be added into the plan such as travel options and device protection. Some of the phones can be enrolled under its Share Everything Plan, where up to 9 devices can share data.

The company also offers pay as you go under its prepaid plans, which means the customers pay as the service is used. Extras can also be added into the plan such as travel options and device protection. Some of the phones can be enrolled under its Share Everything Plan, where up to 9 devices can share data.

The Share Everything Plans include unlimited talk, unlimited text and data that may be shared with the family. The plans also include access to the NHL (National Hockey League) anywhere and the Roam Like Home service. Also, for 24 months, customers can enjoy unlimited music from Spotify, access to shows through Shomi and unlimited access to magazines through Texture.

Rogers’ Non-Sharable plans include Talk, Text and Data that can’t be shared. All plans include unlimited texting.

Rogers’ Data Only plans offer a reliable mobile internet access to customers within Canada. Rogers offers flexible rate plans and customers can opt to buy their devices from the wireless provider or just get the data service using their own mobile devices.

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About Rogers Cell Phone Plans

Based in Toronto, Rogers Wireless brings you a wide range of telecom services to choose from, including text, data, and voice call plans. Started as Canada’s pioneer GSM service in 2001, today the company is the country’s largest wireless services provider. Rogers has now more than ten million subscribers in Canada and its services are now available across the country.

In 2006, Rogers became the first company to offer 3G HSPA services in Canada. It is worth noting here that HSPA was an advanced technology, enabling fast Internet speed. The peak 3G Internet speed of Rogers Wireless now stands at 21Mbps.

Rogers Wireless became the first network in Canada to boost its services and speeds through LTE. The introduction of LTE technology has not only enabled the company to offer value added services but also made its existing services more reliable and robust. Today, the company is offering LTE services to more than 90 percent of Canadians.

With a range of latest cell phones and digital devices available, you can now easily get your next mobile device from Rogers Wireless. You can choose from a number of operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Blackberry. The cell phones include Samsung, Apple, and HTC. You can either buy your next phone by paying the entire amount upfront or through the flexible financing option. Also, you can bring your existing number and phone on the Rogers network. 

When it comes to international roaming add-ons for text, voice, and data, the company offers you a wide range of options to choose from.

Technology: GSM

2G Bandwidths (GSM, GPRS, EDGE): 850/1900MHz

3G Bandwidths (UMTS, HSPA): 850/1900MHz

4G Bandwidth (LTE): 700/1700/2100/2600MHz

Best Rogers Cell Phone Plans

Share Everything Plans | Premium+ Tab

The Share Everything and the Share Everything+ plans give you the benefit to increase your data by extending it across different devices. You can share the plans with your loved ones in your home. It also provides you unlimited texts.   

Non-shared Plans

With the non-shared plans, you will be at liberty to limit the data to one device. These plans provide you the freedom to text and call without any limit.

Mobile Internet Plans

The mobile Internet plans let you enjoy high speed and unfailing data on your tablet or smartphone anywhere you go. You can create a HotSpot or Wi-Fi network to connect up to ten devices to the mobile Internet plans.

Pay As You Go Plans

If you are looking for more flexibility in terms of cost and autonomy from rigid contracts or credit checks, the Pay As You Go plans are for you.

Talk & Text Plans

If you prefer more simplicity in life, you can use the Talk and Text plans to contact your friends and family through phone calls and texts.

Business Share Everything Plans

The Business Share Everything plans give you the flexibility to share your data, talk time, and text packages with your staff or team members. The good news is that the more you share the package with multiple devices, the money will be your saving. On top of that, you’ll enjoy limitless calls across Canada.

New to Canada?

If you are looking for ways to build your credit history without a credit check, you can do it with Rogers Wireless. Additionally, you will get to enjoy the international text add-ons to stay in touch with your colleagues, friends, or family.

Notable Features

Rogers Tab Level: Rogers Wireless brings you a number of tab levels, so you can easily stabilize your advance and future payments when signing up for a new plan.

Share Everything Plans: This feature lets you spread your data across multiple devices. The bonus: enhanced savings. 

Roam Like Home: With this value added feature, you can now use your mobile in the United States and other countries for a meager daily charge.

What are Rogers Roaming Fees?

Roaming fees do not apply to the packages tagged as “Canada-wide.” The best thing about the plans offered by Rogers Wireless is that most of them are “Canada-wide.”

When you go outside Canada, the fees will be different. However, the network still covers you in the best way possible. For example, Rogers Wireless brings you different add-ons to help you keep your bill under control. 

In the US, Rogers has a plan called Roam Like Home that lets you enjoy limitless roaming for just $5/day. On top of that, you can buy a number of text, data, and voice add-ons for $20-$80 per months.

If you are going to Europe, the Roam Like Home lets you enjoy all day roaming for just $10. The add-on packages for Europe are priced between $40 and $95.

The Pay As You Go charges in the United States are listed below:

  • $0.75 per sent text message
  • $1.45 per minute for voice calls
  • $7.99 per day for up to 50MB of data

Long Distance Charges on Rogers Wireless

The majority of Rogers’s packages come with the Canada-wide tag, which means you'll be charged only a meager fee. No additional cost or hidden charges here!

In case you’re someone who makes calls to the US on a regular basis, Rogers has you covered under the unlimited call plan for just $15 a month.

You should keep in mind, however, that the international call rates are different for different countries. The best thing about the network’s service is that you’ll enjoy calling most international destinations with the $5 per month plan.

Rogers Add-ons & Bundles

All of the plans come with a standard caller ID and voicemail. With the add-ons, you can easily integrate additional value added services to your plan.  Both prepaid and postpaid accounts are covered.

The commonly used postpaid add-ons are listed below:

  • Value Pack: With this add-on, you can get a transcription of your voicemail and additional storage, besides availing the best price for international calls and use limitless picture and text message to other countries. You can even have your name be used as a called ID, and get missed call alerts when you’re out of the network range, or when your cell phone is switched off. All these come for just $5 a month.
  • Device Covered Value Plan: This add-on lets you have your device protected. In addition, you will enjoy the above-mentioned services for just $13 a month.
  • Data: In case you run out of your data limit, the network will send you a text notifying you that you’re running out of data. You will also get the option to easily add a data top-up. The data add-ons are priced between $7 and $15. The volume is between 300MB and 1GB. You can enjoy the data add-ons three times a month. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot rollover your unused data from one month to another.

The commonly used prepaid add-ons are listed below:

  • Canada-wide text top-up: If you’re running out of your balance of texts, you can top-up your plan with the new Canada-wide text option. The minimum text top-up is priced at $3 for 30 messages.
  • Limitless International Text Top-up: For just $20 a month, you can now stay in touch with your loved ones anywhere in the world.
  • Data Add-Ons: The data add-on bundles start from 100MB for $10. The maximum data you can avail is 2GB for $50.
  • Data Passes: When it comes to occasional data passes, Rogers Wireless’s offer starts from 10MB for $1 a day. The maximum data available under this top-up is 60MB for $5 a day.
  • Favorite Rate Top-Up: With this add-on, you can now make calls to any country for $5 a day. This add-on decreases your per-minute charge to all countries across the globe.



Why choose a Rogers Cell Phone Plan?

Rogers aspires to be the best provider of wired and wireless networks in Canada. It has already rolled out LTE and GSM networks in the country. In addition, the company has an ambitious plan of having an all-IP network in the next few years.

Such superior networks have enabled Rogers to stay ahead of other companies in terms of innovations for automation, energy management and other industries. E commerce is also a big beneficiary of these solutions and Canadians need not carry dozens of cards. Once Rogers’ modern storage for loyalty program information and payment is complete, the SIM card will carry all the needed information.

Continual involvement in community activities has earned Rogers numerous accolades and awards, both nationally and abroad. An immaculate record in media & news relations and corporate social responsibility has seen the firm get awards such as Canada’s Top Employer for Young People 2014, Learning Elite Award in 2013.

Rogers Coverage Area

Rogers’ coverage is present in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

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