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Compare the Best Public Mobile cell phone plans in Canada - Get the Best deals on cheap mobile plans.

Compare and find the best Public Mobile Cell Phone Plans in Canada. If you are looking for the best cell phone plan deal you need to look beyond the top 3 and look at smaller Providers like Public Mobile.

Priding its company as Canada’s cellular service provider that has the largest 4G LTE network, Public Mobile offers a simple approach to wireless communication services. Public Mobile provides a SIM card and a reliable network to each of its customers and lets them create their own preferred plans.

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Public Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Public Mobile is a SIM-only wireless service that offers services throughout Canada. They use 4G LTE network to offer fast connection anywhere, anytime. With Public Mobile, you can use your own unlocked phone or buy a competitively priced factory refreshed phone that comes with a 30-day warranty and free shipping.

Public Mobile’s business model is focused on community and cooperation. They offer discounts to members who help someone in the Community.

Public Mobile offers a variety of options and add-ons including:

Plan length of 10 days for $5, 30 days for $10 or 90 days for $25.

You can also choose your voice call coverage area to include province-wide for $10, Canada-wide for $12, Canada and the U.S. for $15 or you can opt not to include voice calls as part of your service.

For $6 you can add unlimited global text to your service or opt not to include text as part of your package.

Data options range from 150MB for 10 days at $10, 500MB for 10 days at $15 or 1GB of data for 10 days at $20. You also have the option of excluding data from your plan.

Public Mobile offers a variety of roaming plans for those who travel frequently or who are planning an upcoming trip:

The U.S. Talk, Text and Data Bundle includes 10 days of unlimited voice calls and global text services and 250MB of data for $20

The U.S. Talk and Text Bundle includes 10 days of unlimited voice calls and global texting for $15

The U.S. Talk Only plan includes 10 days of unlimited voice calls for $8

The U.S. Text Only plan includes 10 days of unlimited global texting for $8

The U.S. Data Only plan includes 10 days of 250MB of data for $10 or 500MB of data for $15 or 1GB of data for $20

Within Canada, you can also add services such as adding 200MB of data for $10 or 1GB of data for $30. Unused data can be accumulated and added to your next billing cycle.

Canada and U.S. long distance add-ons can be purchased for $8 for 200 minutes and $15 for 400 minutes including international calls. Unused minutes can be accumulated and added to your next billing cycle.

One thing that sets Public Mobile apart is their rewards program which rewards customers for things like loyalty and referrals as well as participating in their online community.

Loyal customers can save $1 a month after their first year and $2 a month after their second year and so on. For referring a friend, customers earn a discount of $1 per friend off monthly payments for as long as the referred friend remains with Public Mobile. And community helpers can get up to $10 off their monthly payments.

Public Mobile 

Customers who want to have control over what goes on their plans can set their own terms including how long they want to use Public Mobile’s services.

Customers are given the option to choose from a 10-day, 30-day or 90-day plan. They can also choose from a variety of plans that allow them to call within designated locations - within Canada and the United States, within provinces in Canada or within Canada.
Customers enjoy talk, text and data services.

Those opting to have the Talk and Text plan will enjoy its unlimited feature. However, customers also have the option to not include the Talk or the Text feature in their plans.
All Public Mobile Cell Plans come with Call Display and Voice Mail.

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