• Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans

Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans

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No Contract Plans

You can think about choosing a mobile plan with no contract if:

  • You want to invest in a cell phone that will cost you less in the long run
  • You don’t want the newest and hottest gadget in town
  • You don’t want to upgrade your existing handset yet
  • You have enough money to buy a new phone straight up
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No Contract Cell Phone Plan

Hate being locked into a contract with your mobile phone service provider? Control your ‘phone’ spending with a no contract cell phone plan.

Is a cell phone plan with no contract a good option?

Well, shopping for a new cell phone can seem intimidating because of the complicated jargon, but once you know the pros and cons of each plan, you’ll find that things are not so difficult. Prepaid no-contract cell phone plan might not be a good idea if:

  • You want to upgrade your phone and continue to work with your existing service provider. Remember that your service provider can offer special discounts and cheaper upgrades if you decide to extend the contract. On the other hand, if you want to change your service provider, you’ll have to do some cost comparison first.
  • You just cannot resist upgrading your phone every now and then. It’s not always cheap to pay a cancellation fee to end the contract and sign up for an upgrade.
  • You have already signed up for a great plan or package with your service provider. Yes, you have locked your money.

Sometimes your service provider will offer discounts and other customized incentives to retain you as their loyal customer. The good news is that these discounts can be cheaper compared to no contract prepaid plan in the long run.

It’s Time to Do Some Research

Like any other decision, you should consider a no contract prepaid cell phone plan only if you have compared the pros and cons. Another important thing to remember is that not all plans are created equal.

Think about it this way. If you are getting a good deal if you decide to sign-up for a two year contract (i.e. you can save more money), no contract plan is not a smart choice. On the other hand, if getting hands on the shiniest and sleekest devices with phone financing is your ultimate goal, no contract plan is the best way to go about things.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of no contract prepaid plans is that you won’t be locked into a contract. This means you can easily change your plan or cancel anytime usually with a 30 day notice period. You can even switch your service provider if you feel like without paying any penalty or termination fee.

Depending on your service provider, you may find that you are saving more money with a prepaid plan in contrast to a two or three year long term plan. Well, researching the numbers requires some effort and this task can be made simpler by our no contract plan comparison tool.

You Don’t Have to Run After Major Carriers

This perhaps is the most interesting part. You might consider signing with major carrier brands in Canada, but there are many more choices available if you are looking for a fabulous bargain. Yes, we do have some lost-cost ‘new’ carriers that can deliver top quality service and their prepaid deals are worth checking out. Below are some popular prepaid phone providers in Canada:

The Big Three Cell Phone Providers in Canada:

A few more Best Cell Phone Providers in Canada:

Yes, You Can Save Money without a Long-term Contract

Most customers feel that their handset will be deeply discounted if they choose a long-term mobile plan but things aren’t so simple. Your current cell phone service provider might be giving a huge discount to grab your attention and lock you into a long-term contract. The worst thing is that the free phone is not entirely free because if you decide to end your contract early, you will be charged with an early termination penalty which will easily recover the cost of that ‘discounted phone.’

Remember that we are not trying to scare you in anyway. In fact, you can take your time to evaluate no contract plans the same way you evaluate long-term contracts and then choose an option that best fits your requirements and preferences.

A smart thing to do while comparing no contract prepaid plans is to compare the add-on features. For example, you can compare the features and services you can enjoy every month with and without contract. If you find that your phone needs will be swinging wildly every month, going for a long-term fixed contract definitely is not the best idea.

Some carriers offer no contract plans with apparently “no restrictions” on the volume of data you consume as well as the number of text messages and calls. Of course, you can find service providers that offer exciting packages, but again you need to read the fair use policy and fine print details before making a final decision. You can even ask your friends and family for suggestions and end up saving lots of money each month with no contract plans.

Choosing the right No Contract Plan

Remember that all unlimited calling plans do not offer free extras such as data tethering. If you’re using mobile data, make sure you keep an eye on the volume of data consumed if you don’t want to end up paying an additional fee at the end of the month.

Last, you can say that no-contract prepaid mobile phone plans are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. More and more people are now deciding to choose freedom rather than being locked into a contract. No-contract plans are hassle free – you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees or penalties. However, do check if your carrier accepts unlocked phones from other providers.

The bottom line is that you can enjoy the features and benefits of prepaid plans without contract if you are prepared to shop around. So what are you waiting for? Find, compare and choose your best no-contract prepaid cell phone plan today.

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