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Freedom Mobile previously Wind Mobile is a wireless operator, which is under the umbrella of Globalive Communications based in Toronto, Canada. Since the company was created in 2009, it has purposed to challenge the status quo in Canada’s telecommunications industry. Part of that strategy has been provision of unlimited features, friendlier contracts, and more affordable cell phone plans. The company has concentrated most of its activities in Southern Ontario.

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Best Freedom Mobile Plans

Freedom Mobile offers pricing that is not just low, but also simple and fair with no hidden fees or overage charges. Owned by Shaw Communications, Freedom Mobile has made its mark as an economical carrier service catering to subscribers in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. The company offers affordable services with a reasonable pricing structure and has been working on expanding its network since it first began operations 8 years ago as Wind Mobile. Freedom Mobile is currently the fourth largest service provider in Canada.

Although the company offers network coverage to specific locations like British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta, it partners with several other networks to provide services to its customers when they are traveling to areas outside of their Province.

Here are the Freedom Mobile Network details:

  • Technology: GSM
  • Band 1: 2100
  • Band 4: 1700
  • Should you opt for the two-year package, you can avail of a $650 discount on new devices.
  • The carrier allows you the option to combine your phone usage with internet packages at a monthly discounted price in place of maintaining two separate accounts.
  • Freedom Mobile offers you various upper-tier packages so you can get attractive discounts on international calls without having to take add-on packages and pay added fees.

Freedom Mobile Service:

Whether you're looking for a trendy mobile phone or new carrier service, Freedom Mobile could be the best option possible. Here are the best positives of this service:

  • Freedom Mobile offers you the newest of phones that match the needs of every kind of user.
  • You can choose the option of paying for the phone by way of economical, monthly installments. In addition, the company offers you other payment plans so you can choose the one that is most convenient.
  • You can continue to use your existing phone and port to the Freedom network in addition to availing of discount packages.
  • Freedom Mobile is one of the most economical carriers today with great internet data plans.
  • You can opt for the service on a no-contract basis also.
  • All service plans are available for calling anywhere in Canada. You’ll also receive no limit texting facilities to Canada and US customers.

Popular Freedom Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Are you tired of unpredictable phone bills in Canada? Freedom Mobile offers interesting plans from as low as $25 up to $50 per month. Here are more details about these plans:

$50 per month Freedom Mobile Smartphone plan

  • Unlimited data-10GB
  • Unlimited calling across Canada and US
  • Unlimited video messaging/picture in both Canada and US
  • Call control
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited global texting

$45 per month Freedom Mobile  Smartphone plan

  • Unlimited global texting
  • Unlimited calling in the US and Canada
  • Unlimited data-5GB

 $40 per month Freedom Mobile Smartphone plan

  • Unlimited global text
  • Unlimited data-3GB
  • Unlimited Canada calling

$35 per month Freedom Mobile Smartphone plan

  • Unlimited data-2GB
  • Unlimited calling across Canada
  • Unlimited texting in Canada

 $25 per month Freedom Mobile text and talk plan

  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited calling in Canada
  • Unlimited texting in Canada

Freedom makes your life easier because the cell phones are unbelievably affordable, and there are no hidden charges. If you come with your phone, you are eligible for credits worth $150. The credits help you to enjoy other Freedom services such as international roaming or calling, and full speed data.

Freedom Mobile Network Coverage Areas and Speed

Freedom Mobile has admirable coast-to-coast network coverage in Canada. Together with its partner, the company has managed to build infrastructure that covers 98% of populations in Canada and America. Recently, the company benefited from a government auction to land 30MHz of wireless spectrum, which is a big boost to its network.

For now, Freedom Network coverage and stores are restricted to British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. Freedom’s roaming partners, depending on whether you are in Canada or the US, serve any place outside these provinces.

Freedom Mobile claims that along with their partner networks, they can offer coverage to up to 98% of Canadian residents. While you can check their Coverage Map for details of the coverage and service in the area where you live, here’s some added information you need to be aware of.

  • 71% HSPA+ (4G)
  • 16% UMTA (3G)
  • 13% HSPA (3G)
  • Since its transfer of ownership to Shaw, Freedom Mobile has entered into a contract with Nokia in the early part of 2016 and intends to install a new 4G LTE network. Customers can hope to see better service in the coming years.
  • If you are looking for coverage out of the major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver, you expect to a pay-per-use fee since the service is offered by partnering networks.

Freedom Mobile Charges for Roaming Plans

Since Freedom Mobile has ties with partnering networks for usage in areas outside of the Home zone, you'll pay roaming fees. However, the company includes roaming in most locations in the US in its roaming coverage, and you won't need to pay any added charges besides those given below:

  • $0.15 per minute for making voice calls
  • $0.05 per text message
  • $0.05 per MB of internet data you may send or receive.

Here are some of the examples of the packages you can opt for:

  • For traveling in the USA: $15 per month package that includes 2400 minutes of voice calls, no-limit texting, and 1GB of internet data.
  • World Traveller: For traveling in 50 specific locations: $8 per month package that includes $0.20 per minute for voice calls, $0.15 for texting, and $1 per MB of internet data.
  • Flat-Rate Standard Roaming: For traveling in 200 specific destinations: $20 per month package for discounts on roaming charges.

Freedom Mobile Long Distance Charges

Freedom Mobile allows you to call anywhere in Canada and keep your costs down. You can also choose from plans that enable you to call destinations in the US. To make international calls to 200 specific locations, you can opt for the $8 per month packages that include discounted per-minute rates.

About Freedom Mobile Plans

According to September 2014 data, Freedom Mobile has 750,000 customers. Therefore, it is the fourth largest wireless operator in Canada, at least based on number of subscribers.

Freedom mobile is renowned for its unique services comprising of unlimited text, data, and talk. Join Freedom Mobile and be part of its more than 750,000 active customers who are enjoying affordable cell phone plans. You can also take advantage of Smartphone offers from as low as $0 for an unforgettable wireless network.

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