• Family and Data Share Cell Phone Plans

Family and Data Share Cell Phone Plans

With many families wanting to avail of extra savings by being able to share a cellular plan among family members, choosing a cell phone plan that enables family and data sharing is a must.

Most mobile phone service providers have designed their plans to include an option for data sharing to meet their customers’ needs.

Family and data share plans to allow the family to share the data included in the plan with other benefits such as texting – usually unlimited – and calling.

Some wireless carriers allow rollover data where unused data can roll over to the next month which spells more data usage and savings for the entire family.  At the same time, families are sometimes allowed to connect up to 10 devices including tablets and other wireless units under one plan. Family and data sharing plans are great for families with a healthy need for wireless streaming for multiple members.

Here's a list of the most popular Data Share Family Plans in Canada

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Family Data Share Plans

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your data plan with your family members every month and save a few bucks? Well, if you are looking for Family Data Share plans, look no further. It’s not surprising that your total phone spending can split if you are able to share the data plan with your family members. However, key to success here is finding the right plan that meets your needs and requirements.

You can compare the best family Data Share plans offered in Canada right here with our comparison tool. Here’s a friendly reminder – we have only shortlisted plans that offer at least 6 GB of data per month for your family. Also, prices mentioned here are exclusive of phone charges, taxes, fee applicable as well as other charges if any.

What is the Best Plan for My Family?

You can easily guess that not all family data share plans are created equal and looking at the price alone isn’t a good thing. If the concept of shared data plan sounds complicated to you, here’s a simple explanation to help you understand better.

Shared data plans, as the name suggests allow you to pay for a single data plan and share the resource across multiple phones or smart devices. The concept of data sharing is also gaining popularity for the fact that it can help you save money.

We suggest that you look at the carrier’s coverage strength in your desired area before choosing the first shared data plan you come across. Rogers and Bell are the top two Canadian service providers and offer an exciting variety of shared Family plans with unlimited calls and text messages including packages without any contract obligations.

We also recommend that you choose more flexible plans. For example, the new carrier should allow you to use an unlocked phone with your new plan without having to replace your handset.

Are There Unlimited Data Family Plans?

Of course, there are unlimited data plans designed for families. If your family loves using the internet and you consume more than 24 GB collectively, you shouldn’t even have second thoughts before switching to an unlimited Data family plan.

What About Prepaid Family Plans?

Many Canadian providers are now offering prepaid family plans without long-term commitment and loads of taxes. That’s right. You can find prepaid family plans that offer unlimited calls, text messages with, of course, a reasonable amount of mobile data. An important thing to note here is that prepaid plans have a much lower price tag than the traditional post-paid or long-term contract plans.

Reduce Shock Billing with Shared Data Plan

After doing some basic math, it turns out that shared data plans are an excellent value for a tech savvy family. If you have several data-hungry phones at home and online savvy family members who send lots of text messages and use mobile data, a shared data plan could be the answer you’re looking for.

For example, if you have a family with two tablets and two smartphones, you can easily enjoy unlimited calling, unlimited text messaging and minimum 6 GB of shared data for a better price than a traditional postpaid or contract plan.

How Do I Choose the Best Family Data Share Plans?

Family or shared data plans are a better choice because they cost less than other traditional data plans. Everyone in your family gets unlimited minutes and texts so they can stay in touch all the time without having to spend extra money.

Shared data plans also allow you to decide how much data each device or family member can get. Perhaps the biggest advantage of shared data plans is that you can say goodbye to surprising high bills and keep your phone spending on track.

We can help you choose the right family shared data plan. Well, choosing any cell phone plan requires research and this scenario is no different. In fact, you should be more vigilant while doing the research because you are picking a plan for your whole family.

Because each family is different, there is no one size fits all shared data plan. But to make things simpler for you to understand, we are comparing plans based on a family of four – two kids and two adults. Also, we are using the cost of the plan alone. If you will buy new phones, you need to add this cost in your investment and budget calculation.

First, you need to predict how much mobile data your family will need every month. The easiest way to do this is to use the carrier’s data calculator. You can know the volume of data your family has consumed by visiting your carrier’s official website.

Second, you should figure out whether you will use your existing phone or buy a new gadget. If you are thinking about buying a new phone (even on installments) you should add the amount to your monthly bill.

Third, not all carriers allow you to use your old phones with the new plan. On the other hand, some carriers do offer exciting deals for trading in your old phone for a shiny new gadget. Another important thing to keep in mind is that some carriers offer a specific phone model with a specific plan. You can also find plans with plenty of extras like 3 months of free service when switching to a new plan.

Perhaps the best time to shop for family shared data plans is closer to a major holiday as many cell phone providers would offer special holiday deals and promos you could take advantage of. Needless to say, the plan you choose not only should meet your budget’s requirements, but it should also work for every member of your family.

The bottom line is that switching to shared data plan is an important decision. Make sure you ask your friends and colleagues about coverage and service quality at their homes, workplace before switching to a new carrier. We can help you compare and find the best shared data plan that would work for your family.


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