Bell Mobility Cell Phone Plans

Compare the Best Bell Mobility Cell Phone Plans. Ranked number one among Canada’s fastest mobile networks, Bell prides itself with the employment of the most advanced technology such as LTE, the superior mobile technology recognized all over the world, to run its network.

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Bell Cell Phone Plans 

With LTE, Bell is able to provide its more than 30 million customers across Canada with the strongest signal and powerful mobile connection.
Bell cell phone plans are diverse aimed at serving the specific needs of its customers.
Bell has a Share Plan, a Basic Mobile Plan, a Prepaid Plan, a Tablet Plan, and Mobile Internet.

Their plans come with great incentives to their customers from lower rates, unlimited texting particularly on weekends and evenings, a data plan that is flexible, unlimited nationwide and international texting, video, and picture messaging capabilities, and data sharing among others.

For those who love to travel, Bell offers a package that allows its customers to communicate when they’re in the United States or other locations through their Roam Better service.

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Search for the best Bell Cell Phone Plans in Canada, Find and compare Bell Cell Phone Plans only on - Search, Compare and Save.s mental health across Canada through the Bell Let's Talk anti-stigma campaign and support for community care, research and workplace best practices.

About Bell Mobility

Bell Canada is the largest communication company in Canada. The company provides communication solutions to businesses, consumers, and government entities. With an extensive network in Canada, which is suitable for both long distance and local calling, Bell is able to provide cell phone plans for businesses and homes alike.

Bell is the umbrella company for many communications solutions providers in Canada. These include Bell Mobility, Satellite TV, Virgin Mobile, Bell Home Phone, and Fibe TV. Recently, Bell launched Bell media to offer services in digital media, radio, and television. One of its assets under this brand is CTV, which is easily the most popular television network in Canada.

Bell is involved in various corporate responsibilities and community activities aimed at making the world a better place. Examples are recycling, paperless billing, cloud computing, mental health initiatives, sponsorships, among others.

Bell Mobile Coverage Area

Bell boasts of the largest infrastructure for Wi-Fi, 4G, and LTE with coverage of 98 percent in Canada. With this kind of setup, clients are able to get reliable phone network anywhere in the country. Therefore, you are covered by Bell network whether you are in Alberta, Yukon, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, or any other province in Canada.

Bell Mobility Pro's

  • Phone financing is available
  • Bring your own device connection plans available
  • Country-wide calling under different plans
  • Unlimited text messaging plans

Outstanding Features

Roam Better: - Offers a flat-rate roaming plan per day across the US and above 100 other destinations globally.

Share plans: - Operate one account and connect different lines under it with access to shared data pool for easier data management and competitive charges.

Mobile TV: - Access more than 45 TV channels on your smartphone at low monthly fee.

Anti-spam features: - Bell provides anti-spam service as part of their package to block texts and calls from unwanted marketers and third parties.

Does Bell Charge Roaming Fees?

In Canada Bell charges roaming fees based on service plans. Nevertheless, most subscribers won’t experience roaming across Canadian coverage areas.

In case you are travelling internationally or to the US, there are various roaming options available to help you control costs.

If travelling to United States, turning on Roam Better U.S. add-on enables you to benefit from unlimited talk time and text plus 100MB for $5. Data top-up can be done daily for $5 only.

Additionally, for light use on the go, there is 30-day travel passes with the price ranging from $20 to $40 monthly ranging from 200MB up to 1GB data.

There are different Prepaid (Pay-as-you-go) charges for US roaming. These are as follows: 

  • Voice calls at $1.45 per minute
  • Data at $6.00 per MB
  • Text at $0.75 each

There is also a Roam Better International arrangement for international travel offering unlimited talk and text plus 100MB data bundles at $10 per day. You only pat $10 to top-up your data daily.

Do they Charge Long Distance Fees?

Long distance charges are based on your plan when making calls within Canada. Canada-wide calling covers both postpaid and prepaid plans for worry-free call time. For people who opt for local calling plans, long distance fees are calculated depending with location of the tower you are connected to while making the call.

Bell Mobility has various add-ons in case you want to place a call outside Canada thus helping you manage your costs and keep them down. The available options include: -

  • Zero charges for long distance calls made to the U.S at $20 every month.
  • No charges for long distance calls made to Hong Kong and China for $15 monthly.
  • $20 monthly for 1000 minutes of long distance calls to India.

For regular international calls placed to different locations, Bell Mobility has an add-on known as International Long Distance Saver. You can unlock your access to cost-effective per-minute rates with a monthly payment of $5 and make calls to over 200 countries.

Bell Mobility Bundles and Add-ons

Bells Mobility has one of the largest number of add-ons among all major Canada carriers. You can get entertainment add-on options, reduced call costs to family and friends among others.

Common add-on options include:-

  • Anti-SPAM: - Available for $5 per month to help you keep promotional messages and pesky marketers from your mobile device.
  • Tablet/Mobile TV: - Stream on-demand channels as well as 45 others live to your mobile gadget for a monthly charge of $8. Data usage is applicable although the carrier includes Wi-Fi viewing to help you manage your data.
  • Message Centre: - For only $8 per month, you can improve your voicemail experience and enjoy increased storage.
  • Visual Voicemail: - Avoid the hassle of dialing in every time you want to check your voicemail with an easy-to-use interface for only $5 per month.
  • Roadside Assistance: - When traveling across the country, enjoy Peace of mind add-on for $5 per month.
  • Call Forwarding: - Never miss a call with unlimited call forwarding services to your line for only $3 per month.

Here is a list of most popular Bell Mobility Cell Phone Plans

For the best cell phone plans in Canada, here are some attractive Bell Cell Phone Plans that you may want to try out.

  • $15.75 per month for pay per use data & talk time minutes and unlimited text messaging
  • $20.75 per month for pay per use talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 100Mb
  • $20.75 per month for pay per use talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 100Mb-Blackberry
  • $25.75 per month for 150 talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and pay per use data
  • $30.75 per month for pay per use talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 200Mb
  • $30.75 per month for pay per use talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 200Mb-Blackberry
  • $30.75 per month for 150 talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 200Mb
  • $30.75 per month for 150 talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 200Mb-Blackberry
  • $35.00 per month for 200 talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and pay per use data
  • $35.75 per month for 150 talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and pay per use data

Are you looking for the most suitable cell phone plan? There are so many cell phone service providers in Canada, and you can get confused easily. You will need to look at several factors, including price and contract terms. has provided a platform for users to choose their preferred plans as offered by different companies. One of the cell phone companies you will find at is Bell Mobility Canada. Compare all Bell Mobility cell phone plans and save your calling, texting, and data costs like never before.


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