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When you are looking for the best cell phone plan in Canada, there are several factors to consider such as prepaid or postpaid cell plan. You would also compare talk time, data included as well as text messaging. Canadians have several cell phone providers to choose from. We help you compare all cell phone providers available in Canada and find the best cell plan deal.

Why Compare Cell Phone Plans before committing to a provider? 

Given the many cell provider choices available in Canada, it is very important to pick the cell phone plan that suits your lifestyle. Which plan gives you the phone you want and agrees with your pocket at the same time?

Below are some important factors to compare before deciding on a cell phone plan:

  • Does Prepaid or Postpaid plan suit your requirement better
  • Look for a cell phone plan with low monthly fees
  • Check how much data is included
  • Unlimited Calls and Unlimited Texts with low monthly fees
  • Ensure the service area covers your most frequented neighborhoods
  • Cell plans with no contracts

Popular Cell Phone Providers in Canada 

Cell phone providers in Canada are not hard to find. There are the 3 big players such as Rogers, Bell and Telus, but you may not be aware of a few great local cell phone providers such as Koodoo Mobile, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Freedom Mobile to name a few.

We understand that some cell phone plans do not stand out against their less popular competitors, therefore we at CompareMyRates.ca help you see all cell phone plans being offered in one convenient location to find the plan is a perfect fit for you.

Low monthly cost cell phone plans 

If you are looking for a cell phone plan with low monthly fees, you’d be surprised to see how many choices are out there. With several Canadian cell phone providers offering low monthly plans, below is a list of some providers that surely offer their services for a very affordable price:

Cheap Unlimited Calling Cellphone Plans 

If cellphone is your primary mode of communication, there are many cheap cellphone plans with unlimited calling available in Canada. Compare cellphone plans with unlimited calling. This is a great way to control your monthly cell phone bill without any overage charges.

We compare the best and cheapest cell phone plans from Rogers, Bell, Telus as well as local providers offering cheap cell phone plans such as Public Mobile or Chatr Mobile.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 

If you do not need your phone every day, and are not looking to spend much when you need so little, CompareMyRates.ca can help you find the best deals for prepaid cell phone plans. Here are some of the cheapest prepaid plans available:

Unlimited Data Phone Plans 

In today’s day and age, we use our cellphones for almost everything. From online shopping, finding directions, social media to banking – we depend on our mobile phone more and more. Cellphones need Data (internet connection) to connect your phone for such activities.

Cell Phone Plan with Unlimited Data is the most attractive feature when choosing a cell phone provider. Unlimited Data Plans start as low as $35/month. Compare data plans with LTE, 4G, 3G and get connected to the world.

How much data do you really need? 

There are times when you are on the go and need to connect with friends and family or perform any online activity. Before you sign up for a new cell phone plan, evaluate your usage based on music and video streaming, social media apps, emails, map navigation etc. to find out how much data you really need. Sometimes all you may need is a high usage data plan instead of an unlimited data plan.

Best Cell Phone Plans for Students 

If you are a student, you probably need a cell phone plan that fits your budget as well as daily needs. Make a list of the most basic things you may need and prioritize the add-on features that would be ‘good to have’. Compare low monthly cost cell phone plans with cheap prepaid plans to find the best cell phone plans for students and save.

Business Cell Phone Plans 

Each business is different, making it extremely important to compare cell phone plans for business that work great with Smartphones and keep your business connected.

A postpaid cell phone may probably work better for business. Depending on your company size and the location of your clients, you should also evaluate if a Canada-wide long distance calling plan would be required. Compare cheap business cellphone plans provided by major providers such as Rogers, Bell and Telus at CompareMyRates.ca

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