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Best Cell Phone Plans Canada

You use it socially, personally, for work and/or your business. According to Pew Internet Project's research as of January 2014, 90% of American adults have a cell phone and 58% of American adults have a Smart phone. Cell phones and smart phones have changed the way we communicate and make life easier, so why is it so difficult to find a great cell phone plans (or wireless plans) at a low cost? Some of the reasons are; lack of understanding the technology, what the choices are, what is required in obtaining a cell phone providers Canada and being overwhelmed with wireless cell phone carriers Canada and what they offer. Some Americans choose cell phone contracts and others are apprehensive about making the commitment. More and more cell phone providers have both prepaid and postpaid cell phone plans and great deals, so people that did not want to sign up to a contract, now can find great prepaid plans and deals.

Why you should Compare Cell Phone Plans Canada?

Comparing Cell phone plans Canada can save money, time and finding the right cell phone plan for what you require. It will take the guess work out of what is offered by what provider in Canada. By comparing cell phone plans Canada before making the commitment of signing up for a contract, you can ensure you are getting all the features you require and the right cell phone for your needs. At Comparemyrates.com, you can easily and quickly compare by Cell Phone Company Canada, Plan Type, Talk Time Minutes, Data and Plan Features. More importantly, we can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Should I go for a Post Paid or Prepaid Plan?

Choosing between a post paid cell phone plans Canada or prepaid cell phone plans Canada depends on various factors, each option has both pros and cons.Choosing a Post paid cell phone contract is perfect for you if you use your cell phone a lot and use lots of data, want to save money and/or are willing to become committed to a long term contract. Most of the post paid plans offer free cell phones/smart phones or have them extremely discounted. Post paid plans are also cheaper in terms of use. Another bonus, depending on the plan, for example, unlimited plan or high use plans, is you don't have to continually monitor your use or pay to get it topped up. Also, many of the post paid cell phone plans offer better phones for the service in Canada. Credit is also a factor in your decision as many of the cell phone providers require you have good credit before they approve you for a post paid plan. Post paid cell phone plans Canada also have other money saving features such as personal and family share plans, plus, depending on the provider, you may be able to bundle other services such as Internet or Home phone. Prepaid plans have certainly evolved over the past few years and some cell phone providers are offering some great prices and features, plus discounts on phones, providers like Virgin Mobile only have prepaid plans. The beauty of a prepaid is you're not locked into a long term and purchase minutes and texts as you go without having to commit to a particular carrier. You can also choose how much you can pay; so if one month your budget is tight, you can just reduce the amount of usage for your cell phone. If you have bad credit or no credit, a credit check is not required for prepaid cell phone plans. The downside is you pay more per use and it can really cause havoc to your day if you desperately, need to make a phone call and you are at a loss for minutes. If you talk on the phone a lot or use it for internet and texts, this plan may not be for you. Prepaid requires you purchase a phone and if you're low on money, your cell phone choices are limited. Take heart though, many of the prepaid cell companies will reward you with discounts or credits on your prepaid.

What is the difference between a cell phone (mobile phone) and a smart phone?

Cell phone or wireless providers Canada have cell phones or smart phones. What's the difference? A cell phone does not have a mobile operating system and a Smart phone does. A Smart phone has inside it something similar to what runs a home or office computer, just much smaller. As an example, cell phones makes and receive calls, send and receive text, picture and video messaging and cell phones can email, too, but a Smart phone go a step further by syncing with the email server of your personal or corporate provider. A Smart phone is a mobile phone Canada with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones. A smart phone has features of a mobile such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), a media player, a digital camera, and/or a GPS navigation unit, touch screen computer, including web browsing, Wi-Fi, and 3rd-party apps.