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Traveling Outside of Canada and Car Insurance

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What you should know when you decide to take a trip outside of Canada.  There are a few things about auto insurance and rates of your service provider. Leaving your place of residence unoccupied with or without your vehicle will have a certain effect on your auto insurance. Even the best car insurance Canada companies will have some specific conditions regarding your travel out of the country with or without your vehicle. Here are a few points of information you should know.

      • Validity of the Insurance – If you are traveling in the United States, your Canadian auto insurance gives full coverage all over the United States, but it is different when you get to some countries. The moment you cross the border into Mexico for example, the validity of your auto insurance ceases to exist. The best way to handle your insurance when in that country is contacting a broker who will enable you to find the best auto insurance rates in Mexico or any other country where your insurance is not valid.
      • Whether or not to cancel your auto insurance when traveling outside Canada – It is not advisable to cancel your auto insurance just because you are not going to be in the country for a certain period of time.  The best car insurance Canada premium rates are supposed to cater for the damage that your car might get if it is packed in a public place. If you have packed your vehicle in a private and secure place, you have the option of getting rid of your collision and liability coverage but this will end up having an effect on your auto insurance rates that cover theft and fire. In the event that you are either financing or leasing a vehicle, the rules of financing may oblige you to unexceptionally maintain the full auto insurance coverage on the specific vehicle.
      • Auto insurance regarding rental cars – Usually if you have the best car insurance Canada service, it will automatically encompass the third party liability auto insurance coverage of a rental car that you acquire while travelling outside of Canada. When it comes to the collision and all-inclusive coverage, the best way is to consult a professional insurance broker for further guidance.

Any particular auto insurance rates limits that are given to your own vehicle are also extended to the rental vehicle that you have decided to take in your travel outside of Canada. The best way to have full information about auto insurance when you travel outside Canada is consulting an insurance broker who will exhaust all your options for you.

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