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Quebec Car Insurance

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Because of Quebec’s unusual setup of its auto insurance system, the legal minimum for an insurance policy varies quite a bit from that of other provinces. However, there is no legal minimum to all bodily injury claims which are handled by a government insurance plan. This means there is no limit on medical payments. There are, however, some legal minimums you must carry:

      • Property damage liability which will cover both claims for property damage and bodily injury when the driver is outside of Quebec. The legal minimum required is $50,000.
      • Benefits in case of disability, death, and funeral expenses as a result of an accident.

In effect, you cannot sue drivers in Quebec as a result of a bodily injury in a car accident; seeking damages above and beyond the accident benefits is prohibited by law.

If Quebec drivers want to add to their insurance policy to protect their vehicle, if ever they are a victim of theft, or in the event of an at-fault accident or any unforeseen events, there is a wide variety of coverage options that they can choose from. For those who frequently drive outside of Quebec, carrying more than the legal limit for property damage coverage is quite common.

This insurance scheme works well for Quebec; in fact, the province has the lowest average annual insurance rates in Canada at $642.

[fusion_tooltip title=”Auto Insurance in Quebec” class=”” id=”” placement=”top” trigger=”hover”]Did you know that Quebec’s auto insurance system differs from that of other states because it is a merger of both public and private insurance? Insurance for bodily injury is provided by a government-run public insurance company, while coverage for property damage is provided by private insurance companies. While coverage for bodily injury is purchased from the public provider, property damage coverage and any optional coverage that Quebec drivers wish to get can be purchased from more than 100 private insurance companies.[/fusion_tooltip]

Auto Insurance Rating in Quebec

Insurance companies in Quebec base their insurance rates on various important factors. Some of the factors that are considered when rates are decided for a particular driver include the age and experience of the driver, the frequency by which the driver uses the vehicle, where the driver lives, and how far is the commute?  Also, the make and model of the car, value, and its safety features are additional factors that will help determine the rates.

Lastly, an equally important factor that is also weighed is the record of the driver, including at fault accidents and Traffic tickets.

Higher insurance rates can be charged to drivers when they have been issued traffic tickets and figured in at-fault accidents. The amount will depend on the type of violation, as well as the insurance company.

Accident Fault and Insurance Claims in Quebec

In order to decide who is at fault in an accident, Quebec insurance companies use a Fault Determination Chart. The investigation is based on the facts of the accident. In Quebec, a direct compensation system is applied for damage of property resulting from an accident. Each driver will have to deal with their individual insurance company to handle vehicle repairs, regardless of who is at fault.

Government-run public insurance handles bodily injury claims without any regard to who is at fault. This means all benefits are made available to everyone who is involved in an accident, without any regard to who is at fault.

Laws Affecting Drivers in Quebec

In Quebec, there is a legal minimum for insurance that drivers must have to carry at all times. There should be proof of the insurance so it can be presented when requested by a police officer. In the event of an accident, a Quebec driver is required by law to remain at the scene of an accident. There must be a police report concerning injuries or fatalities, or when there is serious damage to property.

Shopping For Insurance in Quebec

With a large number of insurance companies in Quebec, drivers can compare rates and get the best deal for property damage and optional coverage.  Compare all insurance providers in Quebec and find the cheapest insurance that works for your needs.

Compare car insurance quotes to get the lowest rates in Quebec

Quebec may currently have the lowest auto insurance rates in the country, but drivers still have the option to shop around and compare various auto insurance quotes online to get the best value for their money.

That’s where comes in. Eliminate the guesswork when choosing car insurance premiums and get the best one that will give you maximum coverage. Let your fingers do the walking by using our online rate comparison tools. We will also give you tips to help you get through the maze of the ins and outs of car insurance in Quebec.

How do car insurance comparison sites work?

Like most insurance comparison websites, will need pertinent details of the driver in order to come up with a list and rank the best quotes offered by all the top Quebec auto insurance companies. Once a quote is selected, one of our insurance brokers will assist you in setting up your new insurance policy.

You won’t have to spend hours comparing insurance packages. At, the entire process of finding the cheapest car insurance rate will only take just a few minutes!

Who is responsible for setting auto insurance rates in Quebec?

In Quebec, there are two entities responsible for providing auto insurance coverage. Individual insurers are responsible for setting the rates to cover that part of your policy which involves damage to property. The rates for personal injury under the auto insurance coverage is set by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, which is a government agency.

All auto insurers that are offering auto insurance coverage to drivers in Quebec are members of the Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA). The GAA employs two types of tools – the Automobile Statistical Plan and the Fichier central des sinistres automobiles— that helps guarantee that drivers in Quebec have access to fair rates.

What factors determine auto insurance rates in Quebec?

In Quebec, there are a number of factors that determine the rates of auto insurance. These include:


      • Age
      • Gender
      • Driving record
      • The length of time the driver has had a license
      • Whether or not the driver has figured in or caused an accident
      • Whether or not the driver has taken a driver’s education course
      • Whether or not the driver has a record of violating the Highway Safety Code


      • Vehicle mileage
      • Vehicle usage
      • Whether or not the vehicle to be insured is used for business

How do auto insurance rates in Quebec differ to that of other provinces?

Among the different provinces of Canada, Quebec boasts of having the lowest average auto insurance premiums since 2009. In fact, a 2011 study has been able to establish that drivers in Quebec pay only $642 (average) a year for auto insurance. A comparable auto insurance policy in BC or Ontario would cost about twice that amount!

What are the penalties for driving without insurance in Quebec?

Are you aware that you can be convicted and have to pay a minimum fine of $325 if you drive in Quebec without insurance?  You should carry the minimum amount of insurance that is required by law.

And if you are involved in an accident that has resulted in more than $500 in third-party damages, and you don’t have insurance, your license or your right to get a license will be automatically put on hold.

What’s the minimum legal driving age in Quebec?

In Quebec, a person can start applying for a driver’s license at 16 years old. However, you are required by law to submit a written consent duly signed by your parent or guardian if you are under 18 years of age.

There are several steps towards getting a Class 5 driver’s license in Quebec.

Step 1

Register for and complete an obligatory driving course at a driving school officially recognized by the Association Québécoise du transport et des routes. The course involves both theoretical and practical aspects of driving.

Step 2

Once you have registered for the driving course, you can now start the process of getting your learner’s license. You are required to pass the five theoretical modules under Phase 1 of the driving course.

Step 3

A learner’s license gives your only limited access to the road. Drivers holding a learner’s license must have a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of 0. When driving, you must have a fully licensed driver sitting in the passenger seat next to you. The supervising driver should have a BAC that doesn’t exceed 0.08.