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Montreal Car Insurance

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Montreal Car Insurance Quotes

Montreal has certain characteristics that many people find appealing, especially when you have been to the cultural heritage site Boulevard St. Laurent, or the commercial and residential Avenue Laurier. You’ll find that the city’s streets are very attractive. However, for people who drive into the city, the streets of Montreal can a bit problematic. They find the traffic laws in the city very unusual, including the one-way traffic flow in some streets. Outsiders also think that motorists are a little aggressive with their driving although, the locals of Montreal find this perfectly all right.

Aside from the traffic laws and driving behavior in the city, Montreal’s island location creates certain problems for motorists, too. It takes longer to drive to places on your own because of the heavy traffic on the city’s bridges. Commuters get to test their patience as well with the very slow movement of vehicles, especially those coming from places outside the island like Longueuil and Laval. With the state of traffic in Montreal, you can never be too careful about the safety of your vehicle. You have to get a car insurance. Here at (company name), we provide a hassle-free acquisition of the best car insurance from all leading insurance providers with the lowest car insurance.

Facts and Myths of Driving & auto insurance in Montreal


      • In Montreal, there is advanced straight green light. When you see this, you can drive straight ahead but you can’t make a right or left turn.
      • It is mandated by the law in Quebec for cars to have winter tires from December 15 to March 15.
      • Canadian Statistics says that out of the 5,917 streets in Montreal, 20% are just one-way.
      • Highway 40 at Stinson is the most accident-prone intersection in Montreal. It has an average of more than 20 collisions yearly.
      • According to SAAQ (Quebec’s government agency for driver testing), only 60% pass among first time takers in Montreal. Passing a driver test is very difficult in the city.


      • It is dangerous in Montreal. In fact, the crime rate in Montreal lowered by 42% from 15 years ago. Montreal ranks 24th in Canada’s safest cities according to crime data, which is much better than many smaller cities.
      • It’s cold in Montreal whole-year round. During summer, the temperature in the city can reach up to 30 degrees or higher.
      • Mount Royal is an inactive volcano. It is just one of the Monteregian Hills in Montreal , between the Appalachian and Laurentian Mountains.
      • Montreal permits radar detectors within the city limits. Just like all cities in Quebec, it is illegal to operate a radar detector in Montreal.

Driving Tips to secure lowest car insurance rates in Montreal

      1. Make sure to buy winter tires before driving in Montreal during winter. It is mandatory per Quebec’s law. There is snowfall in Montreal the whole year except summer. Winter tires will give your car more grip when driving in slippery roads.
      2. Check if you are on a one-way street. Downtown Montreal has a lot of this. Be careful in entering and exiting a street. Always look out for one-way signages.
      3. Parking meters are computerized in Downtown Montreal. There are no parking tellers. Pay your parking fee through the kiosks by cash or credit card. Make sure to remember your parking slot number.
      4. Do not use your phone when driving. It is illegal in Montreal to call or text while driving any vehicle.
      5. There is no right turn when traffic light is red. Wait for the green light before making a turn at a stoplight. Be sure to remember this or you will be fined.

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