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Car Insurance FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions - The FAQ’s about Car InsuranceIs my Car Insurance still valid if I drive in the United States?Yes, but if you’re planning an long trip, it is advisable that you contact your Car Insurance Broker, Agent or Insurance Company as some insurance companies have underwriting rules limiting the length of time that you will be covered outside of Canada.  Contact them so they can assess your situation.If my car is stolen or damaged, is contents of the car covered by my Car Insurance policy?Typically no, your automobile insurance covers the driver, the passengers and, depending on your policy, the car itself. It does not cover the contents in your car.  Check your home or renters insurance as they may be covered under those policies.What can I do to lower my Car Insurance rates?
  • Increase your deductible
  • Drop the collision coverage on an older car
  • Use the same insurance company for all your insurance needs to take advantage of package deals.
  • Installing an approved theft deterrent system in your vehicle;
  • Some cars are more expensive to insure, so you may want to find out the different cars’ ratings in the IBC publication How Cars Measure Up.
  • Follow the rules of the road and try your best not to don’t incur traffic tickets.
  • If you drive your vehicle to work, cut down on kilometers and take transit whenever possible.
Can I be refused Car Insurance in Canada?You can be refused by an insurance company if you are considered “high-risk”, but you can’t be refused by the insurance industry as a whole or refused by them to sell you basic insurance.  See more information on Facility Insurance.I found a better insurance rate, can I switch Insurance Companies?You can switch insurance companies before your insurance policy expires, but be aware you may incur a penalty.  Check with your insurance company if there is a penalty and weigh that against the savings from the other insurance company.What information is allowed to be used by an Insurance Company to determine rates?
  • Age – Younger driver rates are higher
  • Gender – Males typically pay more
  • Number of years you’ve been licensed – the longer you have been a licensed driver, the better the rates.
  • Marital Status – married drivers are consider safer
  • Your City and Postal Code –insurers have the number of claims by postal code, so if you are in one postal code, you might pay more depending on the amount of claims for that insurance company.
  • Driving Record - At fault accident can impact your rates for as long as 6 years and tickets can impart rates for 3 years.
  • Payment History - missed payments, NSF’s and lapsed policies due to non payment can increase your rates.
  • The type of car - insurers carry statistics on each type of car for their safety record and overall claims history
  • Who will be driving or lives with you in your home.  Insurance company can ask for information for other drivers driving your vehicle or other drivers in your home.
What information is not allowed to be used by an Insurance Company to determine rates?
  • Credit history or if you own a credit card
  • Bankruptcy
  • If your vehicle is owned or leased
  • Employment status
  • Length of time you have lived in your current home;
  • Accidents where you are less than 25 per cent at-fault where the accident occurred on or after September 1, 2010;
  • Not-at-fault accidents;
  • If there was a period of time you had no automobile insurance coverage.