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Alberta Car Insurance

Get 30+ Car Insurance Quotes in 5 minutes

We have made getting a car insurance quote as easy as filling out a simple form.  It takes less than five minutes, and you’ll be rewarded with the best car insurance quotes in Alberta from our network of licensed professionals. We compare the offerings of more than thirty insurance firms nationwide to help you find the lowest insurance rate. Here are some more reasons to join more than one million policyholders who have compared insurance quotes with us  to save on car insurance:

You can save big

When you compare car insurance with us, it’s easy to lock in savings. When you get your Alberta car insurance quote, simply speak to a certified insurance agent or broker (using your selected company’s contact information) to lock in your rate. links you up with qualified agents in your area who will help you set up your new insurance plan. We make car insurance shopping process easy, giving you more time to do other fun things in life without worrying. We understand how complicated life can sometimes get – finding the best Alberta insurance rates doesn’t have to be.

Our service also notifies you about bundles, discounts, and benefits that could add up to big savings. Be aware, though, that sometimes when you choose a lower premium, your coverage could suffer, so your  co-insurance might be more if you get involved in an accident. That’s why it’s important that you compare not just the premium prices, but also the benefits that go with a particular policy.

Our agents are standing by to give you quick and accurate insurance quotes from a multitude of companies. You can be fully insured and on the road less than fifteen minutes after speaking with us.

We alert you when better rates become available

Not only do you save money when you use to get your quotes, but you can also continue receiving benefits after you get the initial quote. We actively monitor the industry and notify you when better rates become available. This free, non-intrusive service allows you to choose whether you want a 3-month or a 6-month alert. In addition to the free alerts, we also send you reminders when your policy becomes due for renewal.

It’s important that you get the best rates available, because families can suffer heavy losses when motor vehicle accidents occur. For example, you or the person you hit can suffer bodily injury, requiring medical treatment and physical rehabilitation, sometimes for several months or more. You also have to consider the cost to repair or replace your vehicle, and also miscellaneous costs such as towing your vehicle and renting a car while your own vehicle is out of commission.

A good policy will mitigate these risks and ensure that your family is well provided for after a mishap. Once you receive the alert, check to see if you would like to switch companies. If you decide to go with a new company, it’s advisable to speak to one of their agents, so they can explain the features and benefits of the policy, and you can make your final decision based on more than just the cost of premiums.

It pays to shop around

Many people subscribe to the myth of loyalty and trust when it comes to insurance, preferring to stick with one company they feel comfortable with. However, you’ll never know if you can trust a particular company unless you need to make a claim. In addition, once you make a claim, you can expect your insurance rates to go up. Some insurance companies are more forgiving than others, but it pays to shop around for the company that offers the best insurance rates.

When you shop, you must ensure that the policy you’re considering meets the minimums required by the laws of the province. For example, the company must offer death benefits of $10,000 to cover the head of a household, plus $2,000 per surviving dependent after the first survivor. The policy must also offer $10,000 in death benefits if the household head’s spouse has a fatal accident and an additional $400 for grief counseling for the family.

Types of Auto Insurance in Alberta

There are three basic types of auto insurance: liability, which covers property damage and bodily injury to another person caused by an accident you’re involved in, collision, which covers damage to your car and to the other party’s vehicle, and comprehensive, which covers any misfortune that may befall your vehicle, including vandalism, theft, and fire. Liability coverage is mandatory, but you should also consider getting the other two types, especially if your search reveals good rates.

What You Need to Know About Car Insurance in Alberta

Alberta lays claim to some of the most picturesque highways in the country, with plains, highlands, and foothills in between. Thanks, partly, to the region’s insurance controllers, motorists in Alberta also have comparatively inexpensive auto insurance premiums. At, you can get the most competitive quotes in just seconds. We’ll help you find the best rates from all the top insurers in Alberta.

Different insurers have different rates to cover the same car driven by the same person in Alberta. It pays to shop around, since rates sometimes differ by hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. Alberta has a lot of car insurance providers, and calling each one to get the company with the lowest rate can take up a lot of time, and it’s plenty of work! If you compare the rates offered by different Alberta insurance companies using our online comparison website, it makes life much easier.

Car insurance is compulsory in Alberta. The lowest third-party liability limit you can have on your car is $200,000. You cannot register your car without this minimum coverage. It’s illegal to operate a vehicle in the province of Alberta if it is not insured and registered.

The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance and the Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) are the two bodies that regulate auto insurance rates. The mandates of the AIRB are to review and approve rating programs for new insurers entering the Alberta market, and to control premium levels for basic coverage, and third party liability limits falling within a certain range, and to keep track of premiums for non-compulsory coverage.

The Alberta Insurance Grid

In October 2004 the Government of Alberta established the Premium Grid. This grid fixes the highest premiums auto insurance providers are allowed to collect for covering private passenger vehicles. Our premium calculator uses the grid to help you figure out how much you should be paying to insure your vehicle.

Premium calculations are based on where you live, the level of your third party liability coverage, how long you’ve had your license, how many at fault claims you’ve submitted in the past six years (paying particular attention to those sent in during the last three years), and whether or not you’ve had driving convictions, especially if you’ve violated the criminal code. Other considerations are your gender and your age, the location of your vehicle and what you use it for, the type of vehicle you drive, and the amount of coverage you’ve selected.

Alberta car insurance rates can still vary wildly, even with the premium grid. That’s why it’s still so important to shop around. Rates are expected to increase in 2017, since they were on the rise in the third quarter of 2016, with an average increase of 6.84 percent overall.

How to get Cheap Car Insurance in Alberta

      • Pay your premiums on time
      • Shop around for the best quotes
      • Select the right coverage for your needs
      • Maintain a good driving history
      • Insure all your vehicles, and if possible your home, with the same company
      • Use winter tires when needed

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