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Car Insurance Quotes Canada

If you own a car in Scarborough, you need car insurance by law. Vehicles can be quite expensive. You may need to take out a car loan in order to purchase a good quality car that can support your lifestyle and requirements. If there’s any damage done to the car or if you’re involved in an accident, you need the protection that car insurance can provide.

We help you compare rates from Canada’s leading insurance providers and find the best fit for you. All you need to do is fill the form on our website and click compare. Our platform will provide quotes from different car insurance providers so you can make a well-informed decision. Different insurance companies have different premium rates for the single driver and single car plans so it’s important to compare before you purchase.

How to Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates in Canada

Premiums can be a hefty financial burden and a long-term expense, which is why you need to choose them carefully. We make it easy for you to find the best fit. After you fill out our auto insurance forms with your driver details, we will find and rank the best and most affordable deals available to you. You need to provide information like driving experience, postal code, vehicle make, and model, etc, for us to find the best option for you.

You can browse through the list of options provided to you and choose the best one. After you’ve selected a quote, you can speak directly with the insurance broker to get more details and initiate the application process. The broker will help you lock in your premium rate with the insurance company.

What Steps Can I Take to Get Cheap Car Insurance? 

You can lower your car insurance premiums if you know the right method. Here are some tips that can help you:

Compare Car Insurance Quotes
We don’t recommend buying the first attractive policy that comes your way. We help you compare rates from the most trusted insurance providers in Canada so you can compare the prices and find what suits your preference.

Choose the Right Coverage 
People are always tempted by frills and added benefits, but sometimes it leads them to  pay a higher premium for coverage they didn’t need in the first place. Ignore the frills and focus on the principal insurance and premiums. Just choose the coverage that you need and that will lower the premiums automatically.

Drive Responsibly and Avoid Trouble
Your driving habits and infractions can have a massive impact on your eligibility and premium rates. If you have fewer infractions and a good driving record, you will get lower premium rates.

Pay your Dues on Time
If you pay your premiums on time, you won’t have to deal with late fees and other such problems. You will enjoy lower premiums if you have a good track record with your insurance payments.

Bundle Your Insurance
If you bundle different insurance policies, the insurance companies might lower your premiums. Add your house, RV, motorcycle, and other such insurance policies to your car insurance policy to get this advantage.

Invest in Safety Gear
Safety gear won’t just save your life, but also help you save money on insurance. Invest in winter tires, alarm systems, garage security, etc., and minimize the risk to your car. That will help lower your insurance rates.

Don’t Change Your Insurance Company Unless you Have to
Loyalty to one insurance company does have its benefits. Companies will lower your insurance premiums if you stick with them for a long time.

Learn How to Drive Safely 
You can take a defensive driving course and showcase great driving skills. This minimizes the risk to your car and encourages the insurance companies to lower the premium rates.

Continue to Drive
If you drive regularly, you’ll be a better driver and that’s what insurance companies what. Keep driving and gain more driving experience as that will help lower the insurance rates.

Consider the Location
If you live in accident prone areas and drive on hazardous roads often, you can expect the insurance premiums to be higher because of the increased risk to your vehicle.

The Car Type Matters
If your car has a powerful engine, is expensive and attractive, and has low crash-test scores, you will have to pay more insurance premium for it. If you want to save money, choose a car with high crash-test scores and less powerful engines.

Consider a Usage Based Insurance Policy
You can save money by taking up low-risk driving habits. This reduces the likelihood of accidents and helps lower the premium rates as well. 

Types of Auto Insurance Policies Available to You 

It’s important to choose an auto insurance policy that provides the coverage you need, even if you have to pay a little more to get it. You need to be financially protected if you get into an accident and an inadequate insurance policy won’t help. Here are some options you should consider:

Liability Insurance
This insurance is required by Canadian law so if you own a car, you must purchase this one. Liability insurance covers damages caused to another person or vehicle in an accident. The insurance will pay for medical bills, lost earnings, rehabilitation, legal fees, and everything else applicable based on the insurance amount of your policy. For your own sake, you should have enough coverage to cover liability if you’re involved in a major accident.

Emergency Road Service
Emergency road service insurance will cover on-road vehicle breakdown and the cost of making your vehicle operational once again. This insurance will cover expenses like oil change, a boost, new batteries, gas delivery, tire changes, locksmith, labor costs, and tow services. You won’t have to pay out of your pocket for this.

Comprehensive Insurance 
This insurance will cover hazards that aren’t related to vehicular accidents like weather conditions, vandalism and attempted theft, actual theft, falling objects, fire, and flooding, etc.

Collision Insurance 
This covers car accidents, rollovers, and collisions. You can replace your car with the insurance money if it’s totaled.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
This insurance will cover the cost of your injuries or event fatality caused by another uninsured or unidentified driver. This often happens in hit and run cases. The coverage will pay for the damage caused to your vehicle only if the uninsured driver is identified.

Direct Compensation Property Damage 
This particular insurance is only available in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. It will cover accidents and damaged caused by accidents you’re not directly responsible for. The liable party must be identified, insured, and found to be at least partially liable for you to receive the insurance benefit.

All-Perils Insurance
This insurance provides coverage for all perils except those that are specifically exempt from the policy.

Accident Benefits Insurance 
If you’re injured in the car accident, this insurance covers the resultant medical expenses and provides income replacement if needed.

No-Fault Insurance
You don’t need to chase after the insurance provider of the person responsible for the accident. You can simply get compensation from your own insurance provider.

Specified Perils
This covers all perils specifically named in the policy. These perils can include hail, theft, fire, etc. They’re more affordable compared to comprehensive insurance policies.

Uber Driver Car Insurance

You need ride-sharing car insurance because your personal auto insurance won’t cover the risks involved. Commercial auto insurance policies are quite expensive and most ride share drivers can’t afford them. Ride sharing insurance plans are affordable, with some costing around $100. They also cover your passengers.

What Effects Your Car Insurance Rate? 

Car insurance rates can increase or decrease based on a number of factors, which is why it’s important to do your research before it’s time to renew it. Factors that have an impact on the premiums include:

  • Adding teen drivers
  • Marriage
  • Moving
  • Buying a new car
  • Tickets and collisions
  • Retiring

We can help you save hundreds of dollars just by providing options and comparisons. You can look at the premiums available to you and decide what’s best for your situation.

Why Do You Need Car Insurance? 

You’re legally obligated to have sufficient car insurance. It will protect you from the financial burden of the accident like medical bills, etc. It will also financially protect you if you’re liable. The insurance will cover:

  • Medical bills, including rehabilitation.
  • Income replacement if you’re unable to work.
  • Any legal responsibilities if you’re liable.

You must keep proof of insurance in your car because absence will be considered a violation and you might lose your license.

Why Should You Compare Quotes? 

Different insurance providers will have different policies and premiums. It’s a good idea to explore all options and understand what kind of protections different insurances provide before you purchase it.

How is Insurance Calculated? 

Insurance companies will look into risk factors like accidents, likelihood of making a claim, driving, and accident history. They will also look at statistical data regarding your age group and location. These and several other factors will determine the cost of the premiums.