Wireless Internet Plans for the iPad

The iPad has Wi‑Fi capabilities built in to keep you connected.  You can access Wi-Fi using free accessible wireless networks called Wi-Fi hotspots. When you are away from home, you can access free hotspots in public areas like airports, coffee shops, restaurants, and other public locations.  It is usually free, but some require a fee. If there is no hotspot or you are required to pay, then you may want to purchase a Wireless Internet Plan for your iPad. Many internet providers have great wireless plans for  iPads. Also for a minimal monthly amount, you can add your iPad to your smartphone plan. These are shared plans.

Let’s look at great plans from the two leading internet providers. Both IPSs have three plans similar in what service they offer.

  • Sharing with other devices – Sharing Wireless Internet with Smartphone
    • Rogers Shared Plan – Two plans; $12 and $17 with Smartphone and up to 4 additional devices.
    • Bell Mobility Data Sharing Plan – Starts at $10 per month, per device
  • iPad Plan that increases with usage
    • Rogers Flex Rate Plan – Monthly fee ranging from $5-40 dollars (depending on how much usage you require).
    • Bell Mobility Tablet Flex data (SIM only) Plan – 3 Plans; $5, $10 and $15.
  • Plan for iPad and iPad 2
    • Rogers On Device Plan –2 Plans; $15 and $35
    • Bell Mobility 30-Day Pass –  4 plans; $15, $20, $35, $45

Additionally, you can use your cell phone as your personal hotspot. This is called tethering (Internet sharing).  To activate your Personal Hotspot, here are the steps: Go to Settings – Personal Hotspot – Turn it on. You will get a  generated password or you can create your own.

Next – Go to your laptop or iPad, Go to your Wireless Networks, look for the iPhone in the wireless networks, add the password and you’re good to go.  To check your personal hotspot usage, go to Settings – General – Usage – Cellular Usage.  You can also do this using USB and Bluetooth.

To find more information and what options are available for your device, go to Apple Support  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3574

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