Will Cable TV Soon Be Obsolete

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For years, technological advances have changed the way we do things, and the way we watch TV programs and movies is no exception.  Smartphone and tablet users are increasingly using their devices to watch TV and movies and streaming TV is becoming more popular.  These days, with so many services available on the internet like streaming TV, online streaming videos and programs, and other online monthly rental services that provide on-demand Internet streaming media like Netflix and the recently launched Shome, more and more people are using other devices other than TV  to watch their favorite TV series or live events.

A recent survey in the US shows that instead of watching programs or news using cable TV, people prefer to watch the news or live events like sports events by the internet via various streaming services available.  Instead of waiting for the program to come on the television at a particular time, people prefer to download and save their favorite TV shows on their laptop or computers to watch whenever they are free or want to watch.  Youtube is still free to access to watch videos and preferable by many due to more unique videos.  YouTube now dominates other search engines and is the 2nd largest search engine and processes more than 3 billion searches a month and 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Let's look at the benefits to watching shows via the internet instead of Cable TV:

  • Watch favorite TV shows anytime, as many times as you want
  • TV shows available in HD, and FULL HD, which a cable TV cannot provide to its users
  • No need to pay for different channels
  • No need to pay more for improved video quality (basically for subscribing to HD services)

In some areas,  internet fees a user pays to watch TV programs via the internet is even less than cable TV charges.  At places like coffee shops and restaurants, Wi-Fi is free so people can access the internet to watch their favorite shows without paying for internet.

Although in the United States watching internet is preferred over cable TV, there are still many benefits of cable TV:

  • Internet can go down, or the streaming services can go down for maintenance, but there is no such issue with cable TV as cable lines are grounded to protect them from any kind of damages, hence, cable TV can provide undisturbed service to its users.
  • Still, there are many areas, like in many Asian countries where a high-speed internet connection required for watching shows on streaming services in HD quality, which is costly, so cable TV has been helping the majority of the population in these countries to watch television in appreciable video quality.
  • Older people who are not much familiar with the internet and its usage prefer watching cable TV when compared to internet streaming services.

Will Cable TV Soon Be Obsolete?  There are benefits to both internet and cable TV, so it is difficult to tell if cable TV will becoming obsolete any time soon.  Cable TV is still preferred and is dominant in many parts of the world, but technological advances are making great strides to make cable TV obsolete.

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