Virgin Mobile versus Fido

Virgin Mobile versus Fido

If you are trying to decide between Virgin Mobile and Fido for your BYO phone plan, it may seem like there is a lot of confusing information. However, choosing a plan is simple once we break it down for you. The important thing to remember is you want to choose a plan that has the best cell service in your area.

The Plans

Fido and Virgin Mobile have the exact same pricing when it comes to their plans. They also include Canada-wide (CW) anytime minutes, unlimited text, picture and video messages within the country and unlimited nights and weekends.

Virgin Mobile also offers unlimited worldwide texts and unlimited picture messaging to the United States. This is great for those who have family and friends living outside of Canada.

Please Note: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec offer lower pricing from the rest of Canada. If you live in these regions, click on the data links and select your province to get the correct pricing for your area.

Virgin and Fidos Bigger Plans

If you are actively searching the Internet on your phone, but do not stream music or videos, then you might want to consider the starter plan at 1GB. Be careful not to make any updates or downloads unless you are connected to WiFi.

2GB allows you to perform occasional streaming and is a comfortable plan for those who frequent the Internet.

If you are a heavy Internet user and plan to stream HD video and mobile games, then you’ll want the biggest plan at 5GB.

Smaller Plans

The smaller plans are offered to those who don’t necessarily use the Internet on their phone. However, it is important to have a small data plan because your phone will use some data for background operations, app notifications and GPS.

The absolute smallest plan you could get is 100MB. However, even if you rarely plan to browse the Internet, you might want to get a bigger plan.

The 500MB or 750MB plan allows you to do some browsing and use of social media apps. However, because you’ll have such a small data plan, you’ll want to be aware of your usage.

How Do You Choose the Best Plan?

Since Fido and Virgin Mobile offer the exact same plans, you should make your decision based on coverage.

By checking the coverage maps for each of the carriers you can determine which carrier will be best for you. Remember to check where you live, work and other places that you frequent.

If both of the carriers have great coverage in your area, then you can make a decision on which one you think will be best for you. You should also keep in mind that the BYO phone plans are on a monthly basis, so you can get rid of this plan at the end of the month. There is an activation fee for each plan, which is $15 for Virgin Mobile and $10 for Fido.