Virgin Mobile Launches Home Internet Service

Virgin Mobile Launches Home Internet Service

Virgin Mobile is a telecommunication and internet services provider. The company offers great high-speed services and is a leader in the industry. They currently provide internet and other communication to countries such as Canada, Australia, the United States, and others. They are also planning to further extend their services to regions such as Qatar, India, and Singapore. This would help them to secure more market share along with other top brands in the same field.

About Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is famous for the excellent service that it provides for its customers. The company is quite popular in Canada and offers Intetn and other services to its customers. They have seen a lot of growth starting in 2008 and it continues to grow. Virgin Mobile is considered one of the top brands for the Internet in Canada.

 Home Internet Plans

Virgin Mobile now offers a wide range of Internet plans for the home. The type of plan you get will all depend upon your individual needs and what you can afford. Faster Internet speeds and more data will cost you more. The company does offer basic plans for users which provide you with bare bone internet services. This company is now set to compete with other providers like Rogers, Bell, and Telus. As of 2018, they offer introductory packages that start at around $50 for home Internet. As you add more features and faster download speeds, the costs go up.

What Plan to Get?

The plan you go with depends upon what you need. A speed 15-25 Mbps is basic and the price goes up form 50-150 Mbps and higher. If you’re a heavy video or video game user, you might want around 150 Mbps as this will give you the speeds that you need for online gaming and fast video downloads. The higher speeds can be well worth it but the added costs can be prohibitive for many individuals. Below are a couple examples of the plans that they offer.

The Limited (300 GB) Data Plan

This plan gives you a monthly limit of 300GB which is suitable for more tasks but not for heavy video game downloading or uploading large files to sites such as YouTube. This would be a basic basis package but a good starting point for many users.

Monthly rate 50$
Download speed 25 Mbps
Upload speed 10 Mbps

The Unlimited Plan

If you use heavy data, you might want to go with an unlimited plan. Virgin Mobile often has sale son this type of Internet, so it can be a good idea to check to see what they are currently offering before you sign up for their services. A typical plan is outlined below but you should note that prices are subject to change.

Monthly rate 65$
Download speed 25 Mbps
Upload speed 10 Mbps


Virgin Mobile os a new provider in terms of the home Internet. Talk to them about what you need and they should be able to help you find the right plan to meet your needs.