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Virgin Mobile Canada: the Best Available Offers

Virgin Mobile Canada: the Best Available Offers
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Virgin Mobile Canada provides a wide range reliable, high-quality prepaid, postpaid, LTE and other network services throughout Canada.

The company is focused on creating tempting plans and offers to increase its customer base.  Since 2009, Virgin Mobile Canada partly operates under Bell Mobility and its services include LTE, CDMA, and excellent HSPA+ networks.

Virgin Mobile Canada – Best plans and offers

Current plans and offers include:

  • Bring Your Own Phone

Plans in this section start from $35 per month.

  • Up to $300 off for a new phone

If you’re looking for a phone upgrade, this is your best option. This 2-year plan starts from $45 per month.

  • Up to $500 off for a new phone

This is another golden opportunity if you’re looking for an upgrade. The plan spans 2 years and starts at $60 per month.

  • Up to $700 off for a new phone

The plan spans 2 years and the starting fee is $100 per month.

More about Virgin Mobile Canada

Virgin Mobile Canada offers phones that allow its members to make upgrades, by issuing different installment plans each month. Phones can be purchased in stores and members can also access services using their own devices.  Furthermore, Virgin Mobile Canada also offers trade-in-credit on mobile phones up to $300.

Virgin Mobile has a variety of plans and offers for prepaid, postpaid and BYO users. Offers may include extra benefits and features, such as discounts and member-only perks. Virgin Mobile Canada users can also access talk, data, travel and text features tailored specifically to their needs.