Understanding and Comparing Best Unlimited Data Phone Plans

unlimited data phone plans
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If you’re looking for an unlimited data plan with your phone, you may not know that you're not going to get everything that you think you are. With that unlimited data plan, you can have less data transfer speed and other difficulties.

Quick Read:

Unlimited Data Isn’t What It Seems

If you are concerned that you don't have unlimited data or can’t get it, you shouldn’t worry about this. The average person will only use around 6GB of data each month. If you are in an average user, there is no reason for you to have unlimited data. Most people simply won't come close to this amount. You should be able to get by with 4GB, 5GB, or 6GB and not have much difficulty at all. if you want unlimited talk and text as well as decent data, there are several options that are available to you.

Why Unlimited Talk and Text Matters More

Most people use their phones more often for text and talking than they do browsing the internet. Therefore, you need unlimited text and talk more than unlimited data. Most people send multiple texts each day and are always answering calls on their phone. You have a lot of people in your life that need to contact you, an elderly parent may need checking up on, you may need your phone for work, or you may need your phone for any number of other reasons. When you have unlimited talk and unlimited text, you're able to keep communicating and not have to worry about charges. The need for communication is more important than your need for entertainment which tends to take up the bulk of any data plan. If there's an emergency, you want to be able to contact your loved ones.

Unlimited Data Really Isn't Unlimited

When people talk about unlimited data, you might think that it actually means you will get complete unlimited data, but this really isn't the case as there was always going to be a limit to a certain degree. There is always a technical threshold for data and you usually reach this more often than you think you might. The data cap is going to vary from carrier to carrier and when you reach the limit of the carrier you get what's called de-prioritization. When this happens, you may still be able to stream content but it won't be an HD quality and the speed will be slower. You never actually reach the no streaming limit of the carrier so this is why they call it an unlimited plan. You may still be able to stream, but the quality and the speed just won't be there.

Understanding Unlimited

Around 2010, carriers began to offer unlimited data plans. They did this to try and encourage people to sign up for their plan. They figured that most people just wouldn't use the unlimited data plan, but this was a mistake as because many people wanted the unlimited data plan. In 2010, these companies ended up selling more smartphones than they thought they would ever be selling because of the unlimited data plans.

Unlimited Data Today

In some areas, you can still get unlimited data as well as unlimited talk and text. This is where you can come out ahead because you not only get decent data, you can get your text and talk along with it.  Here is a breakdown of some of the plans that are available that offer various amounts of data. Just remember that most people will only use around 6GB so these plans will work. Check with your local carriers for rates and other charges.

Text and Unlimited Talk With 10GB Of Data

You can get plans that are for you around 10 gigabytes of data. This isn't quite unlimited data but it's close to unlimited data. Most average users will only use 6GB of data each month so this is a decent plan.

Text and Unlimited Talk with 5GB of Data

Most individuals will end up with around 5 to 6GB of data each month so this plan is perfect for the average user. If you're not using your phone all the time, but still need a bit more data, this can be a good plan.

Text and Unlimited Talk with 2GB of Data

If you just use your phone to check your email, talk to friends, look up things on a map, or make some Facebook posts, this sort of plan is right for you.

Summary of Unlimited Phone Plans

There are many plans out there that offer unlimited talk and unlimited text. You can still find unlimited data plans, but they are harder to find than before and the speed and quality of downloads can suffer on the plan once you hit the threshold. Most people will usually only use between 6-10GB so you should find a decent plan that meets your current needs and budget.

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