Best Cell Phone Plans with High Data Usage

Best Cell Phone Plans with High Data Usage

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If you’re looking for an unlimited data plan with your phone, you may not get everything you think you will. Your unlimited data plan may mean that you experience slower data transfer and other difficulties

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Unlimited data isn’t always what it seems

If you’re concerned that you don’t have unlimited data, or can’t get it, there’s no need to worry. The average person will only use around 6GB of data each month.

If you’re an average user, there’s no reason for you to have unlimited data. You should be able to get by with 4GB, 5GB, or 6GB and not experience any problems. If you want unlimited talk and text, as well as decent data, there are several options available to you.

Why unlimited talk and text matters more

People usually use their phones more for text and talking than they do for internet browsing. It’s more likely that you need unlimited text and talk than unlimited data.

You probably send multiple texts each day and regularly answer calls on your phone. Perhaps you use your phone to check on family, or make work-related calls. Whatever your reasons, when you have unlimited talk and unlimited text, you’re able to keep communicating without worrying about charges.

Your communication needs are more important than your entertainment needs, which tend to take up the bulk of any data plan. If there’s an emergency – you want to be able to contact your loved ones.

Unlimited data really isn’t unlimited

When you hear about unlimited data, you probably presume that it means you’ll get totally unlimited data. However, there’s usually a limit to a certain extent.

There’s always a technical threshold for data and you reach this more often than you think. The data cap varies from carrier to carrier and when you reach your carrier’s limit, you get what’s called de-prioritization. When this happens, you may still be able to stream content, but it won’t be HD quality and the speed will be slower.

Essentially, you never actually reach the carrier’s no streaming limit and this is why it’s called an unlimited plan. You may still be able to stream, but the quality and the speed just won’t be up to scratch.

Understanding unlimited

Around 2010, carriers began to offer unlimited data plans to encourage people to sign up. They assumed  that most people wouldn’t use unlimited data plans. But, this was a mistake. Many people were interested in unlimited data plans and, in 2010, these companies sold more smartphones than they ever expected to, due to these plans.

Unlimited data today

In some areas, you can still get unlimited data and unlimited talk and text. You’re on to a winner here, because not only do you get decent data, you can access your text and talk alongside it.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the plans available with various amounts of data. Just remember that most people will only use around 6GB, so these plans will be fine. Don’t forget to check with your local carriers for rates and other charges.

Text and unlimited talk with 10GB of data

You can get plans that offer you around 10GB of data. This is very close to unlimited data. Most users will only use 6GB of data each month, so this is a decent plan.

Text and unlimited talk with 5GB of data

Most users will end up with around 5 to 6GB of data each month, so this plan is perfect for average users. If you’re not using your phone all the time, but still need a little more data, this is a suitable option.

Text and unlimited talk with 2GB of data

If you just use your phone to check your email, talk to friends, look up things on a map, or make some Facebook posts, this plan is right for you.

Summary of unlimited phone plans

There are many plans out there that offer unlimited talk and unlimited text. You can still find unlimited data plans, but they’re harder to find and the speed and quality of downloads can suffer on the plan once you hit the threshold. Most people use between 6-10GB, so you should still be able to find a decent plan that meets your current needs and budget.


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